Finding MVP of HTVRont customers

Customers are always the most important part for us. We want to provide all of our customers with a 100% service. To share HTVRONT to more people, we hold this new activity.

Here I am gonna introduce you how to enter this activity.

To enter it, you just need to have 1 post with HTVRont on social medias. Then send it to our email at

We will choose 1 MVP of everyday post customers who have sent us on that day. This MVP (the most valuable performer) can choose 1 free item on our gift area. Attention: We choose 1 MVP EVERY Business DAY!!!!

How do we choose a MVP?

Our MVP could be the one who got the most like or the most comments, also can be the one who make the most excellent work with HTVRont products, even may be the one who share an interesting story with HTVRont. ( The only requirement of your post is that it should mention HTVRont)

What’s more, you don’t have to send us your screenshot of the day you post. It’s up to you when you send your screenshot to us. Anyway, we choose 1 MVP every business day.

Don’t hesitate anymore! Post now!


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