Happy New Year- HTVRont Big Sale

Happy New Year- HTVRont Big Sale

2020 is gonna end soon! 2021 is around the corner. What did you make in the past 2020? Our group: HTVRONT should be an excellent platform to let you share your fabulous works. If you share there, you may have a chance to get free products!

2021 should be a new nice year making crafts. Then why don’t you start with saving more high-quality and low-price vinyl at HTVRont? Let’s make our new year first crafting project!

HTVRont New year sale has launched! Various coupons here at HTVRont! Discounts up to 50% off! The more you buy, the more money you save!

HTVRont will hold a 10-day coupons releasing activity: during these days, as long as you visit our sites every day, you can get all these coupons which are of different kinds of products on our site! It’s you choice to use it right away or not. Because it is not expired until 2021!

How to get all these coupons?

Just click this link: https://htvrontvinyl.com/pages/htvront-coupon

We will update all of our coupons here! Our sale starts on 26th, which lasts 10 days!

Remember to visit our site to apply the coupons!

What are those coupons on our site now?

30$ OFF 80$ for whole website

This is definitely a must-use code on our site now! I mean, seriously, who will miss this $30 off? And this is not for some special products! I must recommend some wonderful products on our site now!

Galaxy printed htv! This is our first printed htv on our site. It also sold very well on our site since we carry it on our site. Its very attractive!  You will get various attention on you once you put this pattern on your clothes!

The second product that it’s on my must-buy list is holographic vinyl. I really had a crazy crush on this vinyl! The most fabulous part of this vinyl is the color-change! It show different colors if you see it from different angles! It shines brilliant! Highly recommend it. No matter where you want to apply, it can work well! It is waterproof so it’s okay with mugs. With this $30 off $80, it’s almost 50% off now!

That’s my special recommendation for this big sale! Let’s talk about other coupons!

$10 off $55  for Glitter HTV Series

Our glitter vinyl has always been our best-selling products! I remember that one of customer said that our glitter vinyl is the most easy-weeding vinyl that she has used! Different from other kinds of glitter vinyl, ours are not very thick. Once you get the correct setting, its easy to weed. Whats the correct setting? For Silhouette cameo, youd better set press 8 and blade3.

10% OFF for 2+ 30ft htv vinyl roll

Here comes our heat transfer vinyl! Our regular htv is the most classic and famous product on our site. We have 36 colors! Durable, easy-weeding, bright color... Its the most popular series on our site. This time 10% off for 30ft vinyl rolls which means the more you buy, the more you save! And! This code is stockable with $30 off $80!

Besides all of the regular application of this vinyl, we also come up with some creative ideas using this regular vinyl! Like using lilac vinyl as skin or some amazing vinyl layering! If you are looking forward to it, you can follow our Facebook page to join our live! Our live contend depends on what you want to know! Lets rock together!

$10 OFF for $30+ Holographic Adhesive Vinyl

Our last coupon now is about holographic vinyl! We have talked about it above! Dont hesitate! Buy it! $30 off $80 plus $10 off! Where can you get such a nice deal?

We still have 1 mystery coupon that hasn’t been released! It’s a secret now! Follow our Facebook and wait for our posts! Don’t miss this! (We have mentioned the way of applying coupons in our last blog. If you don’t know how to apply, you can read our last bolg or you can contact me on Facebook! We will teach you step by step!)

Let’s start 2021 crafts!

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