HTVRont’s Christmas Season Sale

HTVRont’s Christmas Season Sale

It is the most wonderful vinyl-stocking time of the year again! The Christmas Holidays are in sight. Various kinds of coupons are around the corner! The more vinyl you buy, the more money you save!

HTVRont will hold a 7-day coupons-releasing: during these days, as long as you visit our sites every day, you can get all these coupons which are of different kinds of products on our site! It’s your choice to use it right away or not. Because it is not expired until Christmas!

How to get all these coupons?

Just click this link:

We will update all of our coupons here! Three coupons a day since today, which lasts 4 days!

Remember to visit our site every day to check the coupons!

Now there are 2 coupons here on our site! What surprises you most is that all of these coupons are stackable! (Which means that you can use multiple coupons in one order.) So what are the coupons on our site now?

$15 off $30 for 10 ft htv Vinyl Rolls:

For example: 

Adding the products you want. (10 FT vinyl rolls must be worth over $30 here since I choose a $15 off $30 here!)

Then apply the coupon you got here!

My coupons work now!

$10 off $20 for 10ft Adhesive Vinyl Rolls:

It works the same as the last coupon we have talked above if you only want to apply a single coupon!

But what if you want to use these 2 coupons together?

Let me show you now!

First add what you want! ( I added 3 10ft adhesive vinyl rolls and 6 10ft htv rolls since I want to use $15 off $30 for htv and $10 off $20 for adhesive vinyl rolls, which are $83.91 in total before applying coupons.)

Then fill in this blank with your first coupon and click “Apply”!

Now do it again with the other code! ( You can find out that your first code has worked on your check-out site when you apply the other code!)

Wait for a few seconds! You will find that...

Both of your coupons work! You now get a $25 off!!!!

Isn’t it fabulous?

Like I said before, HTVRont will release 3 coupons for different kinds of products since DEC.21TH! If you have got the code you want, you can follow these instructions above and save your money right away! (We suggest you to place orders as early as you can so you can get them earlier! How excellent!)

If you want to check out all of the coupons we have now, you can visit this link here:

You can also apply these codes to your cart in advance. (Because we support “ add to cart first and pay later!”) The products you added to your cart last time won’t disappear when you visit again!

What’s more, Facebook page: Htvront will have more lives talking about our mega sales and more fun crafts! (Also a lot of giveaways and special free gifts on FB page) Please keep following our Facebook page and waiting our posts! Unlimited gift cards will be given out recently!

Merry merry merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all get a joyful crafts time and a fantastic Christmas!


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