NEW RELEASE:Htvront Easy Press Mini ON SALE

As a crafter, one of the most necessary is a heater, such as iron, heat press and so on.But not everyone would like to buy a heat press machine, cause it's big size and heavey, what's more ,it's expensive. According to our survey, the average pirce of a heat press machine is 120$, it's not an economy chocie.

 Mini Easy Press is a new trend in handcraft world. Mini Easy press is designed for the last step of vinyl craft: heat transfer, especially for small projects. Mostly, regular home iron is okay with our fabric projects. But for some small projects, it would be very difficult for us to use an iron or a heat press on small part. 

Today ,we are delighted to annouce that Htvront Easy Press Mini  released!

Mini Heat Press Machine

 HTVRONT heat press will save you nearly 20 seconds of heat-up time compared with other brands. At the same time, Our easy press machine adopts durable and high-temperature resistant materials, and the maximum temperature can reach to 356°F (180°C). The soleplate is made from ceramic coated dry heat plate, the soleplate is durable and high temperature resistant without deform & melt.

Our high-quality product

Htvront Easy Press Mini Features

Mini Heat Press Machine

  The machine will shut off automatically after 10 minutes unusing, which can keep you safe and convenient to use.

Mini Heat Press Machine

The insulated base can protect from injury and could greatly dissipate heat when working.

Mini Heat Press Machine

Htvront mini heat press machine is featured with 3 different heating modes, which can be better applied to different heat transfer materials better and save 20s heating time.

Three COLORS for YOU to Choose:

Raspberry Red

Red Mini Heat Press Machine

Apple Green

Green Mini Heat Press Machine

Energetic Orange

Orange Mini Heat Press Machine


Now, what's your choice between mini easy press and home iron? On Htvront social media account: Htvront (Facebook and Instagram), we are holding an activity which will end on April 14th, inviting you to share your opinion. The most excited part is that the winner whose comment gets the most like can get 1 Htvront mini easy press for free! And we will choose the top 2! What are you waiting for? 

Mini Heat Press giveaway