Is Mini Easy Press Better than Iron

“Is easy press mini better than iron?” Do you often think about this question? What’s your answer to this question?
Recently, Htvront hold an activity of inviting all of crafters to talk about their opinions on this question! Thousands of fans have come to our Instagram and Facebook to share their opinion. Most of our fans prefer to easy press mini while some of them have no idea about it. Let’s  read some excellent opinions!

Is Mini Easy Press Better than Iron

Customers' opinions on Instagram:


Easy press mini is definitely better! Heats up quickly and doesn't leave iron marks.


It's definitely better! Heats up quickly and great for smaller projects.


Definitely better! I have both a mini press and an easy press 2 and I always go for my mini press as it's less bulky, quick to use, and helps in fixing mistakes!


I can imagine this cutie would be easier in a million ways - especially working with kids and helping them create their own custom awesomeness! Handing a full steam iron to a kid is...a nightmare.


absolutely the easy press mini works better than an iron. It gets those hard to reach spots and makes your creases flawless plus there's no way you're personalizing masks with a regular need an easy press mini for sure. So excited for this giveaway ... good luck everyone!!!!


Love the easy press mini better than a regular iron for sureee! But I would love to give @htvront mini iron a try, I am already obsessed with yours guys vinyl wouldn't doubt these mini iron are powerful! Hope I win!


Well I haven't had the pleasure of trying a mini press out. I was been going back and forth on if I should purchase one. I think it would make things easier for me when it comes to small items like mask.


It is better! This is my go to iron whenever I have to make something outside my workplace at home. Easy to use and easy to handle. Also very compact.

Customers' opinions on Facebook:

Alyssa Estep

Presses are so much better than irons! The even heat distribution works so well, and this is my favorite vinyl company, hands down. And a mini one would be great for shirts for our little guys! And hats!!!

Shelby Saarinen

This would be so handy for my wooden signs and for hats! I love having something small that I can move around vs the plain old press, makes it a lot easier to offer more to my customers and saves me time 🙂 The heat is distributed so much better in a press like this, too! An iron has holes making the heat inconsistent!

Britney Lokollo Quinones

My opinion the easy press is amazing its great for all kinds of projects small ones big ones or even what i love is doing projects with my littles my daughters are 11 and 12 and love doing projects so the easy press is perfect size for them as well i feel more comfortable with them using easy press than a big iron excited to do more projects with my girls this would be great to win

Harley Aliea Mckiddy

As someone with a small home based business, my opinion would be that an easy press would be AMAZING for those small projects. Especially helping my boys make their own shirts however they want. Or making small custom bags for young girls in school going through the beginning of their life changes. This would be AMAZING for whoever wins it. ☺️

Ashley Meiners

Love the bright colors! Would look great in my craft collection! Valerie J. Meiners I have used their vinyl and it works great

Ariell Pelham

ABSOLUTELY! This is perfect for small t-shirt/clothing companies ❤ for branding and compact designs ❤ ❤

Brenda Batten

These would work great for those small projects. Could use one.

Missy Trudell

I think it would be way better than an iron. Ariana Elizabeth

Is Mini Easy Press Better than Iron

What do you say after reading all these opinions?
Well, actually there is no better way than experiencing it. So Htvront has chosen 2 winners on both Instagram and Facebook to win one Htvront mini easy press for free. And they will send their reviews after trying it. Are you looking forward to their reviews? Then follow our social accounts: Htvront!
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