New Release: HTVRONT Heat Press On Sale

New Release: HTVRONT Heat Press On Sale

The Easy Press is designed to imprint designs or graphics on a substrate, such as a T-shirt, with a preset period of time for applying heat and pressure.

Are you looking for the best heat press for beginners? Are you looking for cheap heat press? Are you looking for hand held heat press?Are you looking for top heat press machine?

Today ,we are delighted to annouce that HTVRONT Easy Press released!

Heat Press Machine

Convenient and humanized design

1. Overheating Protection: HTVRONT best heat press machine has the Heat insulation base and Safet base to ensure safety

2. Simple Operation:Temperature, pressure, and time settings of HTVRONT cheap heat press are all very simple.

3. Fast Heating & Heat Evenly: The heating speed of the t shirt heat press machine is very fast, and the hot pressing maximum temperature can be as high as 400℉.

best heat press machine

HTVRONT heat press machine: Pressure and Temperature Setting  

You can set the pressure(1-99LB)),  temperature(70℉-400℉), time(1-999s)of the cheap heat press according to the material you use. The operation is very simple. HTVRONT t shirt heat press can reduce ironing errors and improve work efficiency.

Warm tips:  when the heat press is left vacant at high temperature for a long time, it may cause the pressure display error, please press and hold the "R" button to reset the pressure, the the heat press machine can be used normally.

best heat press machine

HTVRONT  hand held heat press: Two ways to apply pressure:

There are two ways to help you apply pressure with HTVRONT hand held heat press and easily complete the heat press:

1. Light pressure by One-handed or by the machine itself
2. Medium and heavy pressure by two-handed

Low Pressure: 6-11 pounds
Medium Pressure: 11-33 pounds
Heavy Pressure: 33-50 pounds

hand held heat press

Wide Application

The heat press machine has a very wide range of applications. This heat press machine can not only be used to make customized T-shirts, but HTVRONT heat press machine also can be used to customize hats, mouse pads, socks, tote bags, pillows, ornaments, etc.

heat press machine

How to use a heat press?

How to use a heat press?  The hand held heat press  is very simple to use and suits for t shirt press. Mainly divided into the following four steps:

Step 1: Set Temperature and time: Turn on the heat press, set the required temperature and wait for heating up to set temperature

Step 2: Place vinyl pattern and teflon sheet : Place the clothes on the insulation pad of the heat press machine, and position vinyl pattern on the clothes

Step 3: Apply heat pressure: then place the t shirt heat press on the pattern and start the countdown

Step 4: Peel off and finish it:
 When the countdown is over, remove the portable heat press and place the hand held heat press on Safety Base, peel off the pvc film to see the finished project

t shirt heat press

Heat press machine near me

 If  you are looking for heat press machine near me, HTVRONT hand held heat press is a good choice for you! our heat press machine is cheap but high-quality, our best heat press machine  is a  good hepler for your crating projects. When you don’t know how to choose, you can choose our new release heat press. Of course, we also have a cheaper and more portable mini heat press, which is also a good choice. Click to knoe more about heat press machine.

Heat press near me

A heat press is basically a commercial iron that applies heat and pressure to clothing. Hand held heat press is an indispensable tool for almost all custom T-shirt printing, and heat press machine is also a very useful tool for other types of decoration. Although heat presses are usually used to apply designs to fabrics, specially designed printing presses can also be used to emboss designs on cups, plates, jigsaw puzzles, hats and other products.

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