Why“She”got Free Vinyl on Easter?

Htvront Easter Giveaway

2021 Easter was on April 4. HTVRont has announced a beautiful girl that she has won $50 and some mystery products. How can she win these free gifts? Can I get free products from Htvront too? Of course! Actually, it’s a Htvront’s special competition on Facebook: Htvront

To celebrate Easter with all of our customers and invite more people to join craft, Htvront hold our first Easter craft competition! 
It’s very easy for everybody to take part in this competition. All you have to do is to comment with your crafts, then you have a chance to win $50 and mystery bundles. With no surprise, lots of crafters posted their excellent works. Let’s have a look!

Htvront Easter Giveaway


Shirley White

Easter Crafts -1

Alexis Reneé

Easter Crafts -2

Linda Foster

Easter Crafts -3

Chelsea Huchital

Easter Crafts -4

Mikaela Rosier Batson

Easter Crafts -5

Sonya Vali Rohland

Easter Crafts -6

Naissa Yvette

Easter Crafts -7

Walden Counselor

Easter Crafts -8

Thank you so much for joining our competition!

Easter Crafts

HTVRont's first Easter competition ended up successfully! Thank all of you for posting your excellent and creative works! Congratulations to Alexis Reneé!
We are very delighted to see all of your energy and passtion for crafts! That's exactly what Htvront want to spread! We will hold this competition year after year! Do you want to win free gifts like Alexis Reneé? Follow our social media account: Htvront both on Facebook and Instagram! There are different kinds of giveaway almost every week!
Good luck to each of you!