Practical tips for htv vinyl – HTVRont

Practical Tips for HTV Vinyl

Tips and Tricks for Cutting and Weeding HTVRont Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive Vinyl Transfer Tape

Learn tips and tricks for adhering permanent vinyl using transfer tape.Here are step by step instructions on how to use adhesive vinyl to make mugs decal! ♥ The permanent vinyl roll compatible with most cutting machines like the Cricut, Silhouette, Graphtec, Pazzles, and so on.   Cricut : Blade - standard, Setting - Iron on Silhoutte Cameo:Blade-1, Speed-5, Force-6, Passes-2, Material - Smooth.     ♥This black vinyl roll can meet all your needs to create easily removable decals, labels, coffee cups, mugs, tumblers, home decor, window decor, media covers, or personalizing your car or mailbox, and other DIY projects....

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Best Way to Apply Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV), especially metallic heat transfer vinyl is thinner and softer. It has this sparkle, and shine t brings to any custom project. You can make use of metallic heat transfer vinyl to create designs that dazzle and reflects. Some are made to be quite easy to weed and apply in a matter of seconds on several textile materials. Select from a large number of variety of colors and do not be too reserve to play with colors.  Below are helpful instructions for the heat press application of soft metallic heat transfer vinyl. These include; Build, design, and place your...

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Best Heat Transfer Vinyl for T Shirt Custom Design

There is an 80% chance you have worn a t-shirt this week. You may even be wearing one at the moment. If you are, take a good look at it, is it plain or adorned with graphics, image, or text. So many of us are attracted to different things asides it being comfortable to wear. However, this may be impossible (i.e., design) if some sort of heat transferring or curing is not done. This is the point where heat transfer vinyl comes in. Getting the best heat transfer vinyl designs on the shirt is not an easy quest. We took it upon us...

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Common Problems with Transfer Tape and How to Fix Them

Every craft designer looks forward to seeing their designs on their final project because that is where the beauty of their hard work is best expressed. Transfer tape is one of the surest ways of getting over the line of work to completion. However, your expectation may turn into chaos if a few anything goes wrong. This could be frustrating for many craft designers, especially for beginners.  So, what could go wrong when using a adhesive transfer tape? How do I fix these problems? These questions and many others may cause you some worries. Here are some quick tips to help. One...

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Common Mistakes for Using Heat Press Machine

If you want to have satisfied and happiest customers for your heat transfer vinyl (HTV) craft, you will need to erect some mistakes that one made commonly. These common mistakes can affect the quality of your cloth or material on which you are crafting. What you need to do is to know about these common mistakes. Mistake No 1: Not Selecting the Suitable Material for Vinyl Transfer Paper Do you aware of the quality types and material differences of vinyl transfer paper? If not, keep in mind to choose the most suitable type of paper by checking its material. Choosing the...

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