Creative Video Collection Plan


Create and shoot your creative craft video and send it to our email address:




● A $20 (no min. spend) coupon for each submitted video. The coupon will be sent to your mailbox within 2 business days after receiving the submission.

● You will get one more $20 (no min. spend) coupon after your submitted video is approved.

● We will announce “The Best Video” winners and display the winning videos on our official accounts on social media and website pages on Oct. 10 and Oct. 30. Each winner will get an Easy Heat Press Machine 10"x10" FOR FREE(No shipping fee).


Sample videos:

● Materials: HTVRONT Sublimation Paper, Sublimation Ink, White Glitter HTV. 

Play Video

● Materials: HTVRONT Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl.

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● Materials: HTVRONT Heat Transfer Vinyl, Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl.

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● Materials: HTVRONT Adhesive Vinyl, Holographic Adhesive Vinyl, Transfer Tape.

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● Materials: HTVRONT Clear Printable Vinyl (It's 100% Clear & Waterproof!)

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● The duration of the video is recommended to be 15s-40s.

● Video can not appear outside of HTVRONT brand

● The top videos will be used for commercials.

● The submitted video may be modified by secondary editing.


Crafting Suggestion:

● The exhibited images should be as diverse as possible.

● When making projects with HTV of special patterns, your design should be large, preferably with less white space. Especially working with a large bag or t-shirt.

● When using adhesive vinyl, remember to show the sticking process, not just weeding parts.


Shooting Suggestions:

● The shooting angle needs to be facing your project so that it will be easier to modify it into a 1:1 video later.

● Shooting a whole crafting process would be better, including displaying packages, cutting, weeding, heat pressing, and ensuring the abundance of clips.

● You can pull or wash your finished projects to stress the flexibility of the materials. If you’re using vinyl with special patterns, show off the iridescent colors from different angles.

● You can place some matchable items to increase the richness of the scene.

● Generally, the video enters the key clips in 3s, and the weeding screen should not be too long.


HTVRONT is here to help you! We are happy to answer questions.