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Basic Tools and Supplies for Heat Transfer Vinyl Project

Basic Tools and Supplies for Heat Transfer Vinyl Project

Heat transfer vinyl is widely used for art and craft purposes. You can make logos or any pattern of your choice to glamorize the object. You are free to accessorize your t-shirt, pillows, sheets, bags or literally anything! Here’s what you need to have for getting started with a fun project! 

1.Heat transfer vinyl: 
The first and foremost thing you need for a heat transfer vinyl project is heat transfer vinyl itself!
It is a material which upon being heated gets stuck on any surface. A single heat transfer vinyl sheet has three layers and every layer has different purposes. The topmost clear sheet is called carrier which actually holds the design on vinyl in place. The middle layer is the type of vinyl that you want to stick on the shirt for decoration. It may be glittery, colorful or glowy. Finally, the last one at the bottom is a heat-activated adhesive sheet. This makes your beautiful pattern stuck on the object smoothly and seamlessly!

2.Heat source: 
As the name suggests, heat transfer vinyl needs heat to stick onto the material. A simple “home iron” can fulfil the purpose. But the downside is its smaller surface area. If your design is small, then it’s okay, but while ironing on the larger design, you will incur difficulty in evenly applying heat on all area. This may let some area stick and some not on the underlying material. Alternatively, “heat press” is an ultimate option if you are a perfectionist. Because this will ensure even the application of heat all the way for the right amount of time.

3.Other tools:
Weeding tool is essential when it comes to removing the excess vinyl from an intricate design. You can use hands as well for dispensing the excess, but this will not ensure you a clean and fine result as is promised by the use of weeding tool.
Not a necessity, but you can also use a cutting mat as well for perfectionism in the design. This tool is used to hold the vinyl in place when cutting the design on it. I would not recommend it to use if your project is merely for a fun purpose. 
You may also use a Teflon sheet on top of HTV when placed on the material. It protects the material from being burnt and also keep the heat source safe from any melted HTV residue. 
Apart from that, you may require scissors for the cutting purpose. Most of the people don’t go for such weeding tools, rather scissor is their go-to tool which they use for cutting the vinyl sheet. If your project is all about art and craft, then scissor is your only best friend for cutting the sheet.
Heat transfer vinyl is an all-purpose material which can use for crafting your home, your bedroom and the lounge. Surely, these tools will help you get through your project. But there could be other tools as well that can help you complete the project more effectively.  HTVRont sells the best heat transfer vinyl for you!

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