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Hailey H. Rogers
Sonia Cruz
Sarah-Jane Tyson
Skye Kirschner
Kim Lemke
Noelene McManus
Yessica Jara Espejo
Doris Banks
Moments with HTVRONT

Nautical themed twiddle quilt, with sailors knots & boat name made using HTVront HTV vinyl.

——Sheena Huish

The quality of product gives me exceptional results NEVER disappoints..... their sublimation paper is the next best thing it releases the ink so well leaving ur tumblers Mugs and shirt vibrant and beautiful,


Collaboration with a friend making a baby quilt. She is doing the fabric/quilting. I added the bears on top with flocked htv. My HTVRONT press did a fantastic job!

——Heather Truluck Sullivan

Baby milestone discs are a beautiful gift for newborn babies or expectant mothers to capture baby month by month for their first year. Each disc is made of acrylic and hand painted with love.

——Ruby Shaw

I have been in the handicraft industry for 1 year.First time knowing of HTVRONT was on instagram ❤️So far my favorite product with HTVRONT is the vinyl! Such amazing quality.

——Hailey H. Rogers

Nancy demonstrated the ease of pressing a large section of fabric using the HTVRONT heat press machine. It can even press finished blocks nice and flat. It has become a favorite of the quilt retreat attendees.


I like the great variety of materials HTVRONT offers. They are delivered quickly and of great quality. The sticker paper (glossy and matte) are definitely some of my favorites.


There’s a picture of my Granddaughter wearing my jumper!


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