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Common Problems with Transfer Tape and How to Fix Them

transfer paper for cricut


Every craft designer looks forward to seeing their designs on their final project because that is where the beauty of their hard work is best expressed. Transfer tape is one of the surest ways of getting over the line of work to completion. However, your expectation may turn into chaos if a few anything goes wrong. This could be frustrating for many craft designers, especially for beginners. 

So, what could go wrong when using a adhesive transfer tape? How do I fix these problems? How to use cricut transfer tape? These questions and many others may cause you some worries. Here are some quick tips to help.

One common problem you may have when using a vinyl transfer paper for cricut is related to the adhesive tackiness. 

1.Stickiness. If the sticky tackiness is too low, your vinyl design won’t leave it packing paper. If vinyl not sticking to transfer tape or vinyl won t stick to transfer tape, the beauty of finished handicrafts will be affected. Besides, if the adhesive tackiness is too high, your vinyl design won’t leave the tape and stick to your final project. So, cricut transfer tape too sticky doesn't work either.

To fix these problems, you may need to buy another adhesive transfer tape that has a moderate adhesive tackiness. So check for the best before you buy transfer paper for cricut. However, it is better to reuse a clear vinyl transfer tape just once to avoid these kinds of problems. If the adhesive tackiness of your clear vinyl transfer tape is too high, you can place the transfer paper for cricut on other surfaces like blankets, denim, or jeans. The fuzziness of these materials will reduce the adhesive tackiness of the transfer tape, and you can reuse the same transfer tape for subsequent projects. 

2.Cutting. Furthermore, you could also have problems with your cuttings. This could make it challenging to take out your vinyl design for transfer. When you make deep cuts on your vinyl decals, you may also cut their packing paper. When you place your adhesive transfer tape on these rooted cuttings, it may require some force to peel-out your design. This may cause your design to appear like patches with varying degrees of distortion.

To fix these problems, flip your vinyl decal after placing the tape on it. Then peel out the light packing paper from the deep cut. However, to prevent this problem from reoccurring, adjust the settings of your vinyl decal, and always lighten the pressure you place on your cutter when cutting your vinyl decal.

3.Another problem with using clear vinyl transfer tape is the inability of your vinyl design to stick to your final project. Whether glass, metal, textile, or wood. Most times, this is due to residues from either your hand or the manufacturer of your project material that is incompatible with your adhesive transfer tape. 

transfer tape

To fix this, it is advisable that you wash your hands, and allow it to air dry before doing your transfer. You should also clean your project surface thoroughly with alcohol or nail varnish. If your project is a wood surface, you should smooth it with sandpaper, or apply a paint layer. You can also use heat when doing your transfer to help your design stick to your final project.

Finally, sometimes the challenge could be with your adhesive transfer tape. The adhesive used may require some time to stick to your final project. All you need to do is to place your adhesive transfer tape with the design on the surface of your final project and allow it for about 15-20 minutes before taking off the vinyl tape.

Challenges and mistakes are inevitable in every human endeavor, including craft designing. Besides, errors can be easily corrected. Using the few quick tips discussed here will help you spend less time on your crafts, and get more fulfillment. 


Tips for Applying Adhesive vinyl

To help you make perfect craft projects every time, here are some tips.

  • No matter what surface you are using, always make sure to clean it properly and let it dry.
  • Just before applying the vinyl, wipe a little with a dry cloth. This will help remove all the dust and make the dust clean.
  • Test first. If you are using a new material, please make a small test piece first. You don't need to print the entire vinyl. Just test a small part.


What does Adhesive Vinyl not Stick to?

Fabrics. There is no easy way to use adhesive vinyl to the fabric. Vinyl may fall off during the washing process. If it is used on clothes, it is easy to loosen the vinyl by constant movement while wearing them. So it's best to use heat transfer vinyl to fabric.

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