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How to Choose Transfer Paper for Your Project

How to Choose Transfer Paper for Your Project

What is the best transfer paper to use? OR what kind of transfer paper do I need? These are some of the common questions we get often from people because of the fact that we have a number of options for the types of Heat Transfer Paper in the market.

If you are going to buy Transfer Paper, don’t think too much. Here, we are giving you some tips to choose the right Transfer Paper as per your needs.

Identify The Type of Printer

What is the most important thing to consider while choosing the transfer paper? It’s the identification of the printer. Firstly, you need to inspect your printer. Commonly, we have two types of printers in the market; laser and inkjet. You need to ensure your printer type, or else there would be a chance to choose the inappropriate paper type.

You can easily identify the type of your printer just by running the model number of the printer on Google search. You will get your answer in seconds. What else you want if you have an amazing search engine like Google. In fact, you can also search the paper type that is most suitable for your printer.

If in case, you don’t have any printer yet and planning to buy one, what should you buy, the laser printer or the inkjet? Both printers are best to use, and have high capability to produce quality craft for the staff like garments and T-shirts. But economically, it is to recommend you to go with an inkjet printer. As they are less expensive compared to laser printers.

Consider The Color of Your Fabric

Before buying the vinyl transfer paper, you need to consider the color of the garment used. To make the selection of paper easy, ask yourself two questions; What is the color of your garments? And what fabric is used for the crafting?

Fabric with light colors requires light heat transfer paper. You can have transparent polymer coating with light-colored vinyl paper. Besides this, garments with dark colors can be easily decorated with heat transfer paper having an opaquer polymer coating. If you are not using these papers, then your image will not transfer to the fabric as you originally designed it.

Be sure with the category of colors of garments as this is the basic information you need to aware of.

Ø Natural, Tan, Light ash grey, Off-white is included in Light garment colors

Ø Black, Red, Blue, Navy, Green is included in Dark garment colors

You can easily apply the design via Heat Transfer Paper either with the Heat pressing machine or home iron. You can choose the best method of design pressing by testing the paper quality.

Keep in mind to have a high patience level while working with heat transfer vinyl crafting via home iron. It’s not that easy as it seems. For more convenience, you can simply contact HTVRONT for further guidance. 

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