How To Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl

How To Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl
How To Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl

Many craft enthusiasts who are new to Heat Transfer Vinyl usually have a question, how to cut Vinyl with Cricut or Sillutte or without machine. Don't worry, now HTVRONT will add you how to cut Vinyl step by step.

How do you cut heat transfer vinyl with a Cricut or Silhouette?

As a vinyl beginner, if you are not familiar with vinyl, you may be at a loss. But don't worry, this blog will teach you how to use heat transfer vinyl step by step, and you will soon make a custom tee!
Heat transfer vinyl (aka HTV) is my favorite way to give gifts to friends. Who wouldn't like an interesting new T-shirt? With the help of thermal transfer vinyl, you can easily customize it and print their favorite patterns. Seeing their happiness, you will be very happy too! However, vinyl iron is not only suitable for T-shirts, you can also use it on handbags, shoes, leather notebooks, and even wood!
So now, let's get started!

There are some basic steps to using HTV vinyl film, I will teach you to complete each step step by step. In order to guide you through the process of making your own iron on a vinyl project, I will use my Skull with Rose design to make a new T-shirt for myself, which you can get for free by sending an email in the HTVRONT store.



After selecting the design and surface, we need to measure the surface to determine the size of the design to be cut.

measure placement of heat transfer vinyl

After you determine the size to be cut, please open the cut file in the cutting software. Next, please scale the SVG image to a suitable size. Just click on the design and use the handles at the corners to reduce it to the desired size.


Since HTV has a transparent plastic carrier plate that covers the top of the vinyl, the other side is where the heat-sensitive adhesive is located (it is not sticky or sticky). You cut the design on the glue side, and then a transparent plastic sheet on the other side holds your design in place until you apply it to a shirt or other surface. Since we need to cut the back of the vinyl when we cut the vinyl, in order to ensure the final appearance of the clothes printed on the surface is correct, we need to perform a horizontal mirror or flip design before cutting.

Cricut Mirror design
Cricut Mirror design
Silhouette mirror design - 1
Silhouette mirror design - 2


Now, we can put the hot vinyl into the cutting machine.

First, put the HTV on your cutting mat.

No matter what mat and machine you use, place the smooth side (front) of the HTV on the mat so that you can cut on the back of the mat (see the picture below). This side will be more frosted. The glossy side of vinyl is the side with a transparent plastic backing. For my T-shirt, I used smooth red and Green HTV. If your vinyl is rolled into a roll, you can cut a piece to fit your mat.

cut heat transfer vinyl-1

Then, adjust the cutting settings.

When you are satisfied with the cutting settings, load the vinyl gloss side of the cutting pad into the machine, and then cut!

cut heat transfer vinyl-2

Finally, cut contoured heat transfer vinyl

heat transfer vinyl shirt project

To help you make perfect craft projects every time, here are some tips.

cutting tips for Cricut and Silhouette

How do you cut heat transfer vinyl without a machine?

If you don’t have an electronic cutting machine such as Silhouette or Cricut, you can use scissors to cut the heat transfer vinyl manually. Below are our handcrafted works done with HTV Vinyl without using a cutting machine)

Can you cut heat transfer vinyl with scissors?

If you don't have a Vinyl cutting machine, don't worry. Just need a pair of scissors, you can cut your design iron on to your clothes or cotton fabric. In the weeding image below, I actually just drew some patterns on my Green HTV Vinyl, and then trimmed off the excess vinyl with scissors. The final effect is also very cute. There you go! Hopefully you have some inspiration on creating your own HTV project without using a machine!

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