How to Use Tattoo Transfer Paper?

How to Use Tattoo Transfer Paper?

Have you ever wondered how tattoo artists turn their brilliant designs into tattoos? Well, they did it thanks to tattoo transfer paper. The design is drawn on paper and then the paper is pressed against your skin so the design transfers and that's it. Now your tattoo artist has precise outlines of the design on your skin, and they can follow these outlines to execute the tattoo down to the smallest and most intricate details.

But how does transfer paper for tattoos actually work? How to transfer painting from paper to skin? how does transfer paper work ? Of course, how to use transfer paper tattoo? how to use transfer paper for tattoos? If these questions pique your interest, be sure to keep reading. In the following paragraphs, we'll discuss tattoo transfer paper and try to answer all your questions about how does tattoo transfer paper work, and how to use transfer paper tattoo! So, let's get started!

Types of tattoo transfer paper

Before we start using tattoo transfer paper, the first thing you need to know is that there are two types of tattoo transfer paper: Hectograph and Thermograph.

Hectographic tattoo transfer paper - This is a carbon paper for hand drawn designs. This can be called hand-painted transfer paper or manual transfer paper. This paper will not work on a heat transfer press. For hand tracking only. It is similar to carbon paper or paper used for manual typewriters and works in a similar design. There are three sheets of this sheet and you will draw your design on the top sheet. The middle or second sheet must be removed before drawing in order to transfer the design to the bottom sheet.

Then use the bottom sheet to cut the design and transfer it to the skin. Before applying the paper to the skin, tattooists typically prepare the skin's surface with a solution called a stencil stay, so that the stencil stays in place and stable as the design transfers. Then, moisten the paper with a damp sponge to allow the design to transfer completely. Once the design is transferred, the paper is removed and that's it.

Thermographic transfer paper - also known as thermal tattoo transfer paper. This is the kind of carbon sheet needed for thermal copier transfer machines. It works through a process that uses heat. However, it can also be used to make hand-drawn stencils.
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How to Use Tattoo Transfer Paper?

Sometimes the hardest part of getting the perfect tattoo is explaining exactly the design you want to your tattoo artist. You can always sketch your design, or even have a tattoo professional draw it for you. But the question remains how to incorporate the perfect design into your skin.

Using tattoo transfer paper can solve this problem. It's basically carbon paper used for tattoos, leaving an outline of the design on your skin. The effect of transfer paper for tattoos is similar to those temporary "fake" tattoos you used as a child. So,  how to use transfer paper for tattoos ? This short guide will explain how to use tattoo transfer paper in the following.

HTVRONT Tattoo Transfer PaperKit comes with 40 tattoo template papers. Made with high quality dye and stencil paper, this tattoo paper is perfect for tattooing, tracing and transferring images to the body. Not only can you design with a thermal copier or dot matrix printer, but you can also simply trace the design on a manual drawing template with a ballpoint pen. Then apply deodorant gel, distilled water, and soap to the area of ​​the body that needs the actual design. Finally wait for it to dry to transfer your design. We firmly believe that the excellent quality, excellent durability, and reasonable price of tattoo transfer paper will make our products the best choice for your needs!
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2 Ways to use tattoo transfer paper:

How to use transfer paper tattoo ? There are 2 ways to use tattoo transfer paper:

2 Ways to use tattoo transfer paper:

Method 1 - Freehand draw your tattoo design onto the front of the transfer paper (A) using a pencil or ballpoint pen. Whatever you draw will be accurately copied to the back of the transfer paper (A), which can then be applied to the skin.

Step 1 - remove the second protective paper
Step 2 - Apply design on the master sheet
Step 3 - Separate the copy paper
Step 4 - Apply tattoo transfer ceram on the skin and wait it dry
Step 5 - Apply the design on the skin
Step 6 - Wait to remove the design

How to Use Tattoo Transfer Paper

Method 2 - Copy the paper design directly onto the transfer paper using a thermal copier. Compatible with all brands of thermal copiers.

Step 1 - Create the Design
For this step, you will need a piece of white plain paper to draw your design. This is a time for design mistakes and improvements. Once you are completely satisfied with the design, you can move on to the next step. Because the paper will transfer the exact design to the drawing, make sure you are completely satisfied with the design, otherwise, you may run into some issues later in the process. Take your time and make it perfect!

Step 2 - Place the sheet in the thermal paper layer
So, you have created the perfect tattoo design. Now you need to put it in the transfer paper. The key is to place the design sheet between the ink layer (purple) and the bottom layer (yellow). This is essential to properly transfer the design to the top layer (which you will use to transfer the design to the skin).

Step 3 - Use the Thermal Imaging Transfer Machine
If you're not a tattoo artist, you probably don't have a real thermal transfer machine in your home. However, to do this you will need the manufacturer, not just the transfer paper. So be sure to check out thermal transfer machines online, at printer shops and even some tattoo parlors.

Once you have a good thermal imaging transfer machine in your hands, it's time to finish what we started. The main thing you need to do is put the aforementioned paper into the machine. When the manufacturer does its thing, it transfers the design from the plain paper to the top layer of the paper (also known as a carbon copy of the blueprint).

Step 4 - Separate the sheets
Once the machine has finished transferring the design, it's time to separate the sheets. So the top layer is the transfer design that you will use for the actual tattoo transfer. Make sure to separate it from other paper. Since this is the only piece of paper you need, you can dispose of the rest of the paper.

Step 5 - Transfer Design
Before we start actually transferring the tattoo, the area where you intend to place the tattoo outline must be wet. Wet everything thoroughly with soapy water. Once you're done cleaning and everything is nice and damp, place the design sheet on the skin.

Make sure to move the sheet so that it doesn't bend and is completely against your skin. Press down on the paper until the design appears on the skin. Make sure to remove the paper carefully, but don't rush it; take your time, be patient, and be very gentle.

Then, lift the sheet and check that the design is fully transferred and visible on the skin. If parts of the design are missing, put the paper back and press the paper. After everything is transferred, remove the paper.
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And, that's it! Now you have the perfect outline of your tattoo, thanks to tattoo transfer paper.

A tattoo is your life partner. Tattoo transfer paper makes your tattoo exactly how you want it. You can forget about being disappointed with your tattoo now because you can see what it will look like beforehand. Make your tattoo literally perfect so you don't have to regret it later. No matter what type of paper you use, use the best paper available. The better the paper, the more perfectly your image will transfer to your skin.
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