How To Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl?

How to weed heat transfer vinyl

After we cut the vinyl from the machine, we need to remove the excess vinyl from around the design. Because we only need to keep the part we need and eventually be transferred to the product. So, this post will tell you how to weed htv, how to weed iron on vinyl and how to weed heat transfer vinyl.

How To Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl

Tips for Weeding Heat Transfer Vinyl

To help you make perfect craft projects every time, here are some tips.

1. To clear the excess vinyl, I would recommend you to use a weeding tool. HTVRONT will launch a weeding tool set in the future. You can find and buy it in the store. I personally use, like and recommend this weeding hook. It is sharp and very suitable for removing vinyl. You can also use contour hooks, trimming hooks, tweezers, craft knives and even straight needles.

2. When weeding, sometimes it is difficult for us to see the cutting line. At this time, you can bend the vinyl slightly to help you see the cutting line more clearly, as shown in the figure below.

3. You can also place the cut vinyl next to the window or under the light so that you can see the cut lines more clearly.

How to weed heat transfer vinyl?

How to weed iron on vinyl ?  After finding these cutting lines, you can start to remove unwanted vinyl with weeding hooks or other weeding tools. When you remove all the unnecessary vinyl, you can see that all the designs are finally displayed on the transparent plastic carrier. Then in the next step, you can iron the vinyl onto the fabric.

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