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Sublimation Temperature Chart 2023 Lasted

Sublimation Temperature Chart 2023 Lasted
Knowing how to sublimate vivid pictures on diverse items would be fantastic, and you will get more professional in garment crafting.

Since sublimation is an advanced heat transfer technique that requires only sublimation ink to print and a higher temperature, mastering a comparatively precise range of sublimation times and temperatures is last but not least.

Look no further here. I have prepared you a sublimation times and temperatures chart as your sublimation reference.

Sublimation Heat Press Settings

Sublimation Temperature Chart

In addition to the Sublimation Times and Temperatures Chart of the above materials, we also provide you with the Temperature and Time Chart for Sublimation on the fabric.




Press Time

Canvas bag

185 to 190 °C

40 seconds

Polyester fabric

200 to 205 °C

35 to 40 seconds

Polyester, fabrics with a cotton content of less than 30%

180 to 200℃

35 to 45seconds

Cotton fabric

155 to 165℃

15 seconds



40 to 70 seconds


And you must note to check out carefully the operational manual of your manufacturer, and make sure you always do a test of the heat press temperature for sublimation before you start rolling the rock!

Sublimation Printing Tips

Here are several warm tips for you to help bring out a more vibrant result.

1. Must print images with sublimation ink and an inkjet printer.

2. Choose high saturation modes like “vivid” while printing.

3. You must wait for the ink of the images to dry before sending it to cut.

4. Too high temperature, hard force, or long pressing time will affect the transferred image to finally form on items, and the results can be blurry.

5. Prepare a bunch more substrates of different types to do tests.

6. While sublimating textiles, remember to adopt polyester articles of clothing with cotton of less than 30% and apply certain sublimation heat press temperatures for polyester.

7. If you’re going to apply sublimation mugs, tumblers, glass, ceramic items, key chains, or phone cases, you have to spray and cover sublimation coating on the surfaces.

8. If you prefer the texture of 100% cotton shirts, you can actually sublimate on heat transfer vinyl. Apply heat transfer vinyl for sublimation first to set the backing and then work with the best sublimation paper. This type of HTV for sublimation can become a medium between the cotton and sublimation ink. Once you set the correct sublimation heat press settings for cotton, you will get bright and colorful projects.

9. It’s much easier to press and heat transfer the images with heat-resistant tape, which you can use to fix the position of your design.

10. Next is your heat press. Calibrate your heat press before use, no matter if it’s new, to avoid inaccurate sublimation temperature.

11. Do not let the heat plate touch the materials directly, or your designs and garments can be ruined. Therefore, use a Teflon Sheet.

12. Last, iron your shirts before sublimation to ensure a better and complete garment craft.

Take these tips in mind, and you will churn out tons of ideal projects!

How to cut sublimation paper with Cricut?

When designing with the best sublimation paper, you can take advantage of the print-then-cut feature of Cricut cutters. After editing and printing through the Cricut Design Space, you can cut out the contour of images precisely with Cricut machines.

Suppose you print out a sheet of colorful patterns, and there’s no need to cut out the contour. In that case, you can extract a pretty shape from a picture or just create some simple shapes like rectangles, squares, and circles in Cricut Design Space and cut.

Remember to mirror while printing, or your design will be reversed!

How to cut sublimation paper with Cricut?

What is the best Sublimation Paper?

The best sublimation work is from the best Sublimation Paper! HTVRONT provides a selection of sublimation paper near me to meet various printing needs and specifications.

Create Vivid and Clear DIY Prints with HTVRONT Sublimation Paper

  • Characterized by fast drying and high transfer rate, images printed on it can maintain vivid visual effects.
  • Not only are the patterns clear and long lasting.
  • Increase your creative options with unique designs and prints on a variety of surfaces.

The best Sublimation Paper has to take fast-drying and high transfer rate into account. And the images printed on it can remain a vivid visual effect and last for a longer time. This way, the final results on mugs, glass, tumblers, key chains, and more will demonstrate your expectation.

HTVRONT Sublimation Paper covers all these features mentioned, which always meet my sublimation needs. Click Here if you're looking for more detailed reviews across most popular sublimation papers.


best Sublimation Paper


1. What is the best temperature for sublimation?

Since sublimation temp and time differ from brand to material, there’s no certain specification for various sublimation projects. But most of the time, you can get access to a base range of heat press settings for sublimation according to substrates. For example, the temperature for sublimation tumblers is around 160 to 170°C or 320 to 338°F.

2. What temp to sublimate a shirt?

If you’re going to sublimate on a shirt directly, you can adjust the heat press temp for sublimation to 365 to 400°F, which is 185 to 205°C.

Or you plan to apply the heat transfer vinyl for sublimation first on cotton, then you need to set the temperature at 266 to 284°F for HTV Vinyl. After you have embedded the vinyl into the cotton fabric, you apply the sublimation heat press settings for cotton again(365 to 400°F) for the further transfer process.

3. Can you use parchment paper for sublimation?

Yes. Typically, the cardinal rule of the sublimation process is to avoid the straightforward touch between the heat plate and the materials. Teflon Sheet is better for its durability and premium quality. Parchment paper is more like a disposable item, which can work well but is not for repeated use.

4. Can you use regular ink on sublimation paper?

No. The sublimation technique requires only sublimation ink, or your printing may be unwanted. You can use regular printers or inkjet printers to print out your design, but with dye-sublimation ink.

5. Can I use sublimation ink on heat transfer paper?

Actually, you can! I’ve tried several times before with my light fabrics, and this method can really work. The color brilliance was fantastic when I combined sublimation ink and heat transfer paper together. But the salient point is the color will fade, and the ink will evaporate after a few washes and days. So I don’t really recommend it.

6. What is a sublimation paper used for?

Sublimation paper is for dotting items with vibrant and vivid images and colors for a long time. However, the substrates working with this technique must be covered with sublimation coating, like sublimation mugs, tumblers, glass, sublimation key chains, etc. Moreover, sublimation paper works best when applied on 100% polyester fabric.

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