Tips for Washing Shirts with HTV Vinyl

Tips for Washing Shirts with HTV Vinyl
When using HTV(also known as vinyl for shirts), we often see customers asking this question, "How to wash shirts with heat transfer vinyl?". So ensuring that you or your customers can clean the htv products correctly is the easiest way to make your products durable.
Tips for Washing Shirts with HTV Vinyl

Can You Wash and Dry Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Yes, but do not dry clean. HTVRONT will provide you with some tips on washing, drying and maintenance guidelines for shirts or bags made with htv, so that your HTV products can last longer.

How Many Times Can You Wash and Dry Heat Transfer Vinyl?
In the case of good maintenance of the clothing, HTVRONT recommends that you perform about 50 washes to transfer heat from the vinyl, and then crack and fade. For heat-pressed items, we have to worry about the shape of the adhesive and vinyl.

7 Tips for Washing Shirts with HTV Vinyl

Wait at least 24 hours before washing.

The cure of HTV will take a while. When the adhesive on the heat transfer vinyl is thermally activated, the adhesive sinks into the fibers of shirts, bags, pants, etc. After application, it takes a while for the adhesive to harden and cool without interruption. If you pick up that shirt and throw it into the washing machine and dryer immediately, the vinyl will most likely peel or crack.

Do not dry clean.

HTV must not be dry cleaned. Because the harsh temperature and chemicals used in the dry cleaning process cannot mix well with HTV.

Wash and dry garments inside out.

As we wash and dry clothes, they rub against each other, and the abrasion during the washing process will cause the vinyl to peel off prematurely. Therefore, during the cleaning process, we can provide a layer of protection for the vinyl material by turning over the shirt, pillowcase, etc.

Choose the correct temperature for washing.

When washing T-shirts, hats, bags, etc. with htv, please do not set the water temperature above 178 degrees Fahrenheit. Because high temperature will weaken the adhesive on the vinyl, causing the vinyl to peel off or crack.

Use mild detergent.

For the adhesive on htv, the "green" detergent is too corrosive. At the same time, you should also avoid using bleach and fabric softeners so that your vinyl can last longer. Dry in a low/roller environment or hang to dry.

Dry on delicate setting or hang dry.

Just like washing clothes, it is best not to dry your htv shirts at high temperatures. If you definitely want to use a drum drying or low-temperature ironing, you should keep it in good condition. If possible, you can hang the HTV clothing to dry, which can minimize the wrinkles seen in the htv after washing and protect your clothes.

Do not iron directly on a heat transfer Vinyl design.

Do not iron directly on the heat transfer design. Because the high temperature on the vinyl will melt and burn or bond the vinyl, in any case, don't iron it directly on the vinyl. Otherwise, your shirt or HTV work will be easily destroyed. If you must iron your shirt, make sure to use a low heat and place a dish towel or cloth on the transfer rack.

I hope this helps! Let me know what questions you have done below!

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