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What kind of printer do you need for printable vinyl?

Types of Printers Needed for Printable Vinyl

The market for printable vinyl is vast, and almost everyone has a choice, from leisure enthusiasts to large companies and well-known sign shops. The output material you choose should be compatible with your existing printing equipment, or you can purchase a vinyl printer compatible with the material you want to use. You can also choose the material according to the application method you want to use to install the printable iron on vinyl.

1. Types of Printers Needed for Printable Vinyl

Printable vinyl, commonly called inkjet sticker paper or print and cut vinyl, is a synthetic man-made material with an adhesive backing. Some customers may wonder whether their inkjet home or office printers can print on vinyl.

HTVRONT's printable vinyl for inkjet printers is compatible with all laser and inkjet printers, such as Epson, HP, Brother, Canon, and many more, using normal ink (pigment ink for longer life). What’s more, the printable sticker paper can also work with all craft cutters.

You don't have to boast Cricut's imagination to use the printable vinyl; anyone can use printable iron on vinyl. You don't even need to own a craft cutting machine like Cricut to use HTVRONT printable vinyl. You can use printable iron on vinyl with just an inkjet or laser printer and a pair of scissors, which are available to users. HTVRONT printable vinyl is 8 1/2 x 11 for anyone to use with their inkjet and laser printers, and a bundle of 15, 20, 30, and 40 sheets of glossy and matte paper is provided for you to choose from. Print and cut vinyl provides you with unlimited color possibilities, using your home printer, heat transfer vinyl printer, and Cricut cutting machine to print and cut almost any image cleanly and accurately.

printable vinyl

Printable vinyl can use many different types of printers. However, the two most common types are desktop inkjets and large-format inkjets.

This is an excellent vinyl sticker printer when you have small office projects to use in your business. You can look for inkjet printers or inkjet printers for cricut compatible with simple desktop inkjet printers that can print printable iron on vinyl and print on letter-sized paper for easy printing. This type of material does not require you to purchase special inks for printing. This means your costs will be minimized. In addition, you don't need to wait too long to dry print, because the time required for printing is as long as the normal output time of an inkjet machine.

Although the ink will dry quickly, you may need to leave vinyl prints for 24 hours before they can be considered completely waterproof. However, there is no need to worry about outdoor use, because there is no need for additional surface treatment or special fixing of the substrate.

If you are a professional logo maker or want to produce appropriate professional vinyl prints, then a large format inkjet printer is your best choice. These vinyl sticker printers are specifically designed to run on roll paper. Many of them have LED lights for curing ink. The output leaves the printer as soon as possible, until the vinyl sticker printer is completely dry and ready for use. This can save a lot of time.

Some large format inkjet printers come with white ink, allowing you to build a basic canvas on which you can print graphics on transparent paper. When using vinyl media on a large format inkjet printer, make sure to use a substrate that is compatible with the type of ink you are using on the printer.

Best Printer for Printable Vinyl

2. Best Printers for Printable Vinyl

What is the best printer for printable vinyl? Which vinyl sticker printer is the best printers for stickers? What is the best printer for Cricut? In this regard, how to print then cut on Cricut can be found in our blog. The vinyl decal printer depends on your sticker design, but usually a 4-color inkjet printer with 1200 dpi print resolution will suffice. If your sticker design requires dynamic color range and requires more tonal variation, which is unlikely, look for a printer with at least 6 ink cartridges.

★ Inkjet Printers

For most people at home, they'll have an inkjet printer, as it's the more popular and traditional option of the two. This printer uses ink and is more suitable for small batch operations. While most printable vinyls will work on inkjets, double-checking is preferred so as to ensure you boast the right type.

The printable vinyl glue on the sticker will absorb the printer ink and make it waterproof. Definitely a plus point if you want to use finished vinyl on your car, bike, helmet or other outdoor gear!

If you're looking for a specific brand, household names like Epson, HP, Canon, and Brother will be compatible. Just make sure the ink is dye based.

★ Laser Printers

On the other hand, you might find laser printers in an office or commercial setting. They use toner instead of ink and can print more documents in less time. This printer is mainly used for documents and texts. So while they can technically print on vinyl, you can still get better quality photos on an inkjet.

Laser printers work by rolling toner on the surface of the paper. It's less common to use them on printable vinyl, so make sure your stickers are suitable for this printer type.

3. How to Print on Printable Vinyl?

When you get a vinyl printer paper at home, you will find that there is a smooth waxed paper surface and a matte surface that looks duller. The smooth side is the back, and the matte side is the side you should print on. If you are still unsure, just pull up a corner of the vinyl to find out which is the front and which is the back. There is adhesive on the back.

After the design is ready and ready to print, just load vinyl and set the printer settings to the correct settings according to the Vinyl surface treatment (gloss, matt or clear). If both sides of the printable iron on vinyl look the same, and you are not sure how to place the vinyl, print on the side that looks chalkier.

4. Can Printable Vinyl Get Wet?

Our inkjet printable vinyl is a premium vinyl, which can be turned into a waterproof material without any spraying or lamination. The outside of the package is waterproof. It's recommended that you wait 24 hours before touching water.

5. Can You Put Printable Vinyl on a Mug?

Yes. A sippy cup that is very suitable for children with a name and picture on it. You can put many of these things and make your imagination go crazy. Some ideas are tiles, walls, glass, plastic, wood, metal. The same surfaces that cricut vinyl can stick to, so can printable vinyl.

You can also print family photos, scrapbook paper designs, such as zebra, cheetah, grid, stripes, stars, frogs or any pattern you want. You can also print labels, download pictures from the Internet, and print your favorite football or sports team logos. Let the imagination run free! There are no restrictions.

6. Can You Remove Printable Vinyl?

HTVRONT printable vinyl has a permanent adhesive on the back and can be easily removed from many things, but the longer it sits, the more difficult it will be to remove. And it will work outside! Please note that the color will fade faster in the sun!

HTVRONT is committed to thinking and doing some projects to stimulate your creativity with this new HOT product in the crafting world! 

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Customer Reviews

Nancy Austin

Hi can your printable vinyl be used on an epson xp-900 printer & would it be able to be used plastic buckets & bowls please

amy vo

Hello there,
My name is Amy and I am trying to open small online business. I would like to know more about your products and information. I have some questions to ask:

What or which kind of printer are compatible with HTV, heat transfer paper, vinyl, sublimation paper or AB paper ( no cut) ?
What is different between white toner and ink? and does all kind heat press work for all that papers on T shirt or mug…
Sorry if I ask many, I just want to know more before making my own decisions.
Thank you

Jeanette Baker

This looks like what I need to make gifts


I’m about to start my small craft company and I wanted to know if you have a color swatch for materials that your company provides, do you have a catalog?


Hi can you use the vinyl on a sublimation printer I noticed that you sell the sublimation paper

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