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How to Layer Glitter HTV and DIY Mermaid Shirt Cricut Project

how to make shirts with cricut

Do you have this feeling of being unable to stop making shirts for your daughter?Do you have a lot of questions about making T-shirts with glitter vinyl?How to layer htv cricut? This tutorial will walk you through exactly how to layer glitter HTV.
Every holiday or school event that comes around, it's time to make a shirt for the girl! Let's be addicted to heat transfer vinyl…particularly the glitter variety. Mermaid is a good choice. It was super sweet that every girl will not dislike it! Let's make DIY Mermaid Shirt Cricut Project now and learn how to layer vinyl cricut.


How to Layer Glitter HTV?How to layer vinyl cricut?

How to layer htv Cricut? Layering glitter HTV is a very interesting process. Sometimes I feel like it is a hit or miss to truly layer it, and so I have found a way to make it look layered…when it really isn’t. Over the countless washing and drying of the shirts that I have made, most of the time the Glitter HTV Vinyl stays on and doesn’t peel for quite some time, which is encouraging because I use an iron for the Heat Transfer Vinyl.  But, sometimes the thickness of the Glitter HTV Vinyl makes me wonder if it is truly adhered to the design under it and how long it will stay.



To create the layered look with Glitter HTV, I found the following method works well.


How to Cut Glitter HTV?

Set up your cut file in your Silhouette Design Studio. Create the mermaid design.  {This is a great project for Glitter HTV beginners}.

Remember to mirror it . Next, lay the red glitter HTV Vinyl shiny side down on your cutting mat and load it into the Silhouette. Set your cut settings for Glitter Vinyl, and send it to cut. When your Silhouette machine is cutting, it will cut the mermaid shape.

When finished, unload it and start weeding.  Take off the excess red around the mermaid shape.  Then, carefully remove the excess from the inside of the mermaid and discard them.  

Repeat the same steps above. Set up your green glitter HTV shiny side down on your cutting mat, and load it to the machine.  Send it to the Silhouette machine to cut. Peel away the outer excess vinyl and the inner parts of the shape and discard these.


How to Iron on Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Heat your iron to the side between wool and cotton setting , or warm up the heat press to 302 F / 150 C.  Since I like using an iron, I can  iron the area where I am going to put the design to warm it up. Place the red hair in the center of your shirt and cover it with a Teflon sheet.  Firmly press your iron all over the red hair.  I press in each area for about 15 seconds.  Remove the Teflon sheet and carrier sheet of your vinyl, and your red hair should be on your shirt. Then lay another shape with the space on the center of the red hair.  Lay the Teflon sheet down, and make sure it covers all of it, including the red hair.  You don’t want to press HTV Vinyl with an iron without a barrier in between.  Press firmly on the shape for about 15 seconds, pause, and repeat.  After cool , gently peel back the clear carrier sheet.  

how to make shirts with cricut

If you press HTV Vinyl with an iron without a barrier in between,You will destroy your project, since there are no barriers, the iron will  deform HTV Vinyl.What should you do when you have already made this mistake? The answer is layer glitter heat transfer vinyl on top of glitter heat transfer vinyl.If you try it, you’ll find out that it works.

how to make shirts with cricut

Most manufacturer application instructions suggest that you should not layer glitter HTV vinyl on top of glitter HTV vinyl. While it will work, your design is not likely to last.

Anyway, I don't want to destroy my project, so I just lay it .It looks good and a little thicker.Yes, the red hair has two layers.It looks perfect, doesn't it?
After you edit the images by Silhouette Studio , remember to save it so that you can re-cut the shape required by the project.

I used HTVRont Glitter Heat transfer vinyl for this project. If you're looking to stock up, this is a great pack of the 7 most popular glitter HTV colors!

how to make shirts with cricut

You have achieved a layered HTV look and a super cute mermaid shirt!  

Now, do you know how to layer vinyl cricut? If you want to know more information and tutorials. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. If you have any questions about this post, please let us know and we will respond to your message in time.

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