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Differences between Permanent Vinyl & Removable Vinyl

Differences between Permanent Vinyl & Removable Vinyl
Vinyl is one of the absolutely ideal products for handicraft works in use today. More and more craft lovers like to use it when working. It is powerful, reasonably priced, and has many variants and colors. There are two main types of vinyls that you often see, one is heat transfer vinyl and the other is adhesive vinyl. In this blog, we will introduce two types of adhesive vinyl.
Differences between Permanent Vinyl & Removable Vinyl

What is Permanent Vinyl & What is Removable Vinyl

What is Permanent Vinyl?

The adhesive contained on the permanent vinyl is stronger. It is a long-lasting vinyl. Although you can remove the vinyl, it usually leaves a sticky residue that is difficult to remove, and it can also cause paint to peel off from cars or walls.
What is Removable Vinyl?

Removable vinyl can be easily peeled off without leaving any sticky marks on the outside. It will not damage the paint on the walls or objects, nor will it leave residues on the glass.

Removable Vinyl and Permanent Vinyl: What is the difference?

Before understanding the difference between removable vinyl and permanent vinyl, I think you need to understand that they have many of the same functions. They are all:

* Impermeable

* Marks with permanent marks can be written

* Microwave safety

* Dishwasher safe

The most significant difference between these two materials is the durability and strength of the material adhesive.

Removable vinyl and permanent vinyl have different usesOur removable vinyl material is easy to remove and does not leave marks, making it an ideal material choice for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Family organization
  • Family organization
  • Electronic stickers
  • Calendar stickers
  • Bumper sticker
  • label
  • Wine and beer bottles

Our Permanent Vinyl material is usually ideal for the following projects due to its durability. Such as:

  • Clothing label
  • Work equipment
  • vessel
  • Beauty products
  • Gate
  • Trash can
  • Industrial machinery

How long can removable vinyl and permanent vinyl last?

Many people will use removable vinyl for a short period of time during the festival, for example about a month, but the fact is that your removable wall decals should last about a year on the wall.

The use time of Permanent Adhesive Vinyl depends on the sealing conditions they are used in. For example, HTVRONT permanent vinyl can withstand severe weather conditions for 6 years. Some permanent vinyls with higher prices can be used for more than 8 years.

Note: Permanent vinyl only has a longer service life than removable vinyl. In addition, this type of vinyl has a more durable adhesive, and although it can be removed, if they try to pull it off, it may damage the surface.

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