Do you Mirror Adhesive Vinyl?

Do you Mirror Adhesive Vinyl?

It may seem overwhelming to use vinyl at first, but with a little practice and knowledge, you can immediately become a professional. Before cutting vinyl, you may be confused about the time that should be mirrored when cutting on a Cricut machine. In short, mirroring is when you flip the design backwards in Silhouette Studio or Cricut Design Space before cutting it out. Which items need to be mirrored, and which can be cut as designed? We are here to answer all your questions! Whether you are using heat transfer vinyl or adhesive vinyl, mirroring may be required in some cases. Read on to learn all you need to know about mirroring design on Cricut or Silhouette!

do you mirror iron on vinyl

Do You Need to Mirror Adhesive Vinyl?

If you are using adhesive vinyl, do not mirror the image. In most cases, you will cut the design without mirroring and place the material face up on the cutting mat. You can use the transfer tape to lift the image, and then paste it on a clean and firm surface. However, if the adhesive vinyl is inside a window or similar, mirror the design before cutting. When sticking it to the back of a transparent object (such as transparent acrylic or glass), if you want the design to be clear and easy to understand or oriented correctly in these cases, you need to mirror the vinyl adhesive design before cutting. This is because the design will be displayed at the front and you want to view it in the correct way (that is, not backwards). Normally, you do not mirror adhesive vinyl. Mirroring is usually done using heat transfer vinyl.

Please note that regular transfer tape used for adhesive vinyl is different from HTV transfer tape. One handles heat, the other does not. Make sure to choose the right one for your project. Generally, HTV has a carrier sheet and does not require transfer tape. Check our transfer tape for adhesive vinyl.


Do You Need to Mirror Heat Transfer Vinyl?

As I mentioned above, if you are using HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl), you must mirror the image before cutting. You will need to place the material face down on the mat to make sure the glossy side down or dull color side up. Then cut the back of the material according to the design.

Of course, there are always exceptions now. For example, some patterned HTV doesn't come on a carrier sheet that should not be mirrored. The first is a printable heat transfer vinyl. These will not be mirrored when cutting, and you may even need a transfer tape to move your design. Make sure to follow all the instructions that come with this type of vinyl. The second is if you want to add heat transfer material to a transparent object and want to read it from the front. In this way, you will not be able to mirror before cutting.


How to make a mirror in your Cricut Design?

So now that you know when to mirror the design, the question is how to do it? Before cutting the design, it is easy to mirror it first.

1. If you are using Cricut, when you want to cut the design, click the mirror for each mat you want to cut.

2. If you are using Silhouette, just click the right mouse button on the design and select "Flip Horizontal".

3. You will need to do this for each mat. Before cutting, the preview on the right will also be displayed as a mirror image.

4. Once, you have mirrored the design, now it's time to use your machine to cut and do some amazing things! Then, send it to cut, weed and apply!

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