How to Apply HTV Vinyl on Canvas Shoes

How to Apply HTV Vinyl on Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes has become more and more popular. At the same time, with the popularity of using heat transfer vinyl, more and more people want to make custom canvas shoes with heat transfer vinyl. If you have a cutting machine, Cricut or Silhouette Cameo or any brand, you can follow this article to learn how to apply HTV vinyl on canvas shoes with step by step instructions.


Supplies you should prepare:

A cutting machine

Heat transfer vinyl sheets (If you want to make multi colors of designs, prepare HTV vinyl sheets in different color)

Teflon sheet (or any cloth that can be used to avoid overheat when ironing)

Weeding tools(tweezers)


Min iron(A mini iron is better than a standard iron for this project as you just work with a small surface area. )

Plain canvas shoes



1.  Arrange your design that you want to apply in your cutting machine’s software. You can find some free SVG files from internet or there will be free files in cutting machine’s software.

2. Once you have arranged your SVG files, remember to turn on mirror option before cutting. Load heat transfer vinyl into your cutting machine with the backing side up. Then select  “Heat Transfer Vinyl, Smooth” as your material and click “sent to ”to cut your vinyl. If there are multi colors of your designs, repeat this step until each color of heat transfer vinyl sheet are used.

3. Remove the excess heat transfer vinyl around your design. For small letters and small pieces of your designs, use tweezers to weed.

4. You can iron your canvas shoes before applying HTV vinyl. Make sure no steam in this process. And it is suggested to use a Teflon sheet on canvas shoes to iron to make it smooth.

5. Place the design on the shoe with the sticky-side down. Then cover with Teflon sheet. It is not recommended you put all different part of your design at one time as you may lose control while ironing.

6. If your design is small, iron 5-10 seconds over high heat. For the first part of your design, I suggest you choose the smallest part and iron for about 5 seconds at first. And if it is not so sticky, you can iron more seconds and try little by little to know how long the other parts will need to be fully adhered.

7. Wait at least 10 seconds for the applied vinyl to cool before removing the apparent film

8. Repeat step 6-7 steps until all parts of your design are applied to canvas shoes.

How to Apply HTV Vinyl on Canvas Shoes

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