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Statement of the Delivery of Auto Heat Press

Statement of the Delivery of Auto Heat Press

Dear HTVRONT Friends:

Thanks very much for choosing HTVRONT's official website as your choice to purchase the Auto Heat Press. We really appreciate your love and support and highly value your customer experiences.

According to our mass production schedule, we have started a pre-sale event on the website on August 22. Currently, the event is still in progress.

Due to the balance between the daily output of the factory and the volume of cross-border logistics, we conduct this pre-sale in stages. Therefore, we posted the clear  shipping time during the pre-sale. The shipping time of the seven batches of pre-order machines are: Sep 20th-30th, Oct 1st-20th, Oct 21st-30th, Dec 1st-10th, Dec 11th-30th, Nov 1st-10th, Nov 11th-20th, 2022.

During the time, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press on other channels has recently been launched and started shipping. And there's still a long waiting time for the delivery of these pre-sale orders, some customers, therefore, inquired about the delivery dates multiple times. Considering this situation, we publicize the shipments to you for much clearer information:

As of today, we have shipped out all orders by October 20, according to the schedule. And 95% of the demands of Oct 21st-30th have already been sent out(several customers need to verify their receiving addresses). For you to easily check out the order status, we set a query link here: https://www.htvront.com/pages/express-check

To protect consumers' further rights and interests, we also make this statement and compensation for you:

  1. The HTVRONT Auto Heat Press you purchased on our official website during the pre-sale period has a $30 higher value than orders on other channels (the machine price is $10 cheaper, and there's a gift package worth $20);
  1. We have developed an emergency delivery plan for all pre-orders to be delivered earlier. And we offer you "Compensation Service for Delayed Shipping", providing a $49 GIFT CARD for pre-sale orders that do not get shipped within the estimated time;
  1. For pre-sale orders that need to be shipped after November 15, we offer you a free replacement service for the original heat-pressing pad. Please get in touch with us to enjoy the benefit when you need to replace it(we will take on the shipping fee);
  1. All customers of this pre-sale event will enjoy a $189 worth of 49-month Basic Plan of subscription to the LOKLIK Workshop* for FREE after receiving the machine.

(*web: www.loklikworkshop.com. The SVGs we offer in the Workshop will reach 15,000+ by the end of the year and increase by 3,000 per month on average. The 49 months will count from the day LOKLIK Workshop charges. Remember to log in with the email address of your pre-sale order. LOKLIK & HTVRONT are owned by the same tech group. If there's any question, please email us at support_workshop@loklik.com

If you hope your machine to be delivered earlier, please email us at support@htvront.com with the subject: "Order Number + Urgent Delivery." We will try our best to respond within 24 business hours.

We apologize for all the inconvenience caused to you, and we hope the Auto Heat Press can arrive at your doorsteps as soon as possible so you can enjoy easy crafting. And we sincerely hope that HTVRONT can hold your trust and support for offering you further companionship. 

Have a nice day.

Yours Sincerely,


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Customer Reviews

JoAnn Bullion

I got the machine love it but on instruction or book was in the box could you please send in instructions. joannbullion@gmail.com
HTVRONT replied:
Well.You can get the corresponding introduction of the product from this site. https://www.htvront.com/blogs/crafting-cutting-machines/how-to-use-htvront-auto-heat-press-for-beginners .

Paula Mello

Do you ship to Hawaii. I placed an order and it’s not going through.
HTVRONT replied:
Sorry,we are currently unable to deliver to Hawaii at this time, but we are working hard to increase logistics and will be able to deliver in the near future.

<Sunny@comment.sunnysideapps.com> 于2023年8月3日周四 14:30写道:



I was wondering what the watts are on the Heat Press? We live in an RV and I’m careful about watts :)
HTVRONT replied:
Thanks.The HTVRONT Auto Heat Press requires 1500 watts of power.


Is the the regular HTV a matte?

Sue Carrigan

Please have someone call me I have questions on the 15×15 hEAT PRESS. 985-590-9926

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