How to Iron on Patches on Jeans

How to Iron on Patches on Jeans?

Iron patches will definitely take me back to my Girl Scout days - how many are on your belt? - Except today's version looks more complicated. Patch jeans are a great and easy way to add a personal touch to old jackets, jeans, hats, shoes or purses. So basically, before you even think about getting rid of any clothes, consider giving jeans with patches a new look with some iron-on patches. A custom iron on patches are easy alternative to applying a traditional patch. The iron patch allows you to easily iron the patch onto clothing or other fabrics. These patch jeans are great because you can create any custom design with any color or shape. Don't expect boring or dull designs. We can provide high quality, detailed and accurate designs to suit any of your design needs. Iron Patches Make quality irons on Denim Jeans Patches in the USA! Our patch jeans last for several wash and dry cycles. And the jean patches are easy to use!

How to Iron on Patches on Jeans?

We all know that wearing pants day after day can easily rip or tear. When jeans often have holes, do you throw them away? Do you know how to make iron on patches? Ironing on patches is an easy way to repair pants. Therefore, this has made it an attractive option. The best option is to use ironed fabric patches that match the color of the pants. The iron on patches is a fabric patch with a sticky surface and some plastic film. As you can imagine, when you stick the patch on the pants and heat the jean patches with an iron, you are melting the glue, thus sealing the two together. Secondly, the advantage of iron on patches is that no sewing skills are required. This is good news for those of us who have not spent time on sewing machines to perfect our knitting skills.

Knowing how to iron on patches yourself can free you from high-end design price tags, while also providing the satisfaction of creating something truly unique. So how to use iron on patches? Or how to make iron on patches ? First, pick up your favorite jacket, jeans or handbag and follow these simple tips to iron on patches at home.


How to make iron on patches?


1. Cut out the Jean patch

If you are looking for iron on patches near me, then you are the right place! Purchase Iron on Patches for Jeans or denim patches at HTVRONT. Color patches can bring art and uniqueness to jeans, but most ironing patches are in denim shades.

Cut denim patches to fit holes or tears in jeans. Make sure that the denim patches covers the ripped area to completely cover it. Cut into any shape, making sure all corners are rounded. Do not cut the denim patches into a square with sharp corners, as the corners may separate from the underlying fabric

How to Iron on Patches on Jeans


2. Iron on Jean Patch

How to apply iron on patches? How to make iron on patches? Take out the iron and turn it on. Please follow the instructions that come with the ironing patch: usually a higher setting (for cotton) is required. Let the iron get hot, then place the pants on the ironing board. Put a strip of paper into the leg of the jeans so that the fusible net of the ironed patch does not stick to the back of the leg of the pants.

Make sure there are no wrinkles on the fabric or denim patches, and then press the iron down onto the denim patches. Press the patch and jeans according to the instructions that came with the ironing patch: Normally, this requires pressing with a hot iron for about 30 seconds. Once this step is completed, the paper can be removed from the jeans.

how to apply iron on patches

Then you have finished! Isn't it cute? Now you have mastered how to make iron on patches, give it a try!

Iron on Jean Patch
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