What Setting do I Use for Glitter Vinyl

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Are you new to vinyl market? Do you know what glitter vinyl is? Glitter vinyl includes glitter permanent vinyl and glitter iron-on vinyl. Glitter Iron-on vinyl allows you to customize T-shirts, team or club clothing, handbags, home decorations and more! Lovely shapes, letters and designs are all constraints of this easy heat transfer material.

If you have used Glitter before, then you will know that it is a textured finish that requires a deeper cut on the machine compared to regular HTV materials. You also know that you cannot layer Siser Glitter. Htvront glitter vinyl is thin and flexible, and has a better feel and finish on thin or stretchy shirts. It can be stretched like Siser Easyweed Stretch, and the weight is absolutely lighter, and it has a certain degree of flexibility. If you like sparkling things, you must try it! Find application instructions and settings below.

glitter vinyl
What Setting do I Use for Glitter Vinyl?

Due to the gloss and rough texture of glitter vinyl, it requires more blade pressure compared to regular vinyl. Therefore, do not use the "Vinyl" setting on the "Explore" dial. Instead, set the dial to "Custom". When you do this, you will see a drop-down menu in the Cricut Design Space cutting screen. Select "Glitter Vinyl" under the "Custom Vinyl" option. Now, Circut Explore has been perfectly calibrated, and can cut glitter vinyl at the right depth!

What blade setting on silhouette for glitter vinyl?

Glitter and other rough textures can easily dull the blade. Therefore, if you are using a clean mat and your dial is set up as described above, but the cut on the shiny vinyl is still poor, then you may need to replace the blade. With clean blades and proper dial settings, even in complex small designs, the same precise cutting results as other media should be obtained. Still having trouble? Try to switch to a deep cutting blade. Although technically speaking, it is not necessary for glitter vinyl, I find that no matter what I am doing, this stronger, deeper blade always gives me excellent cutting results!

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