Which Heat Transfer Vinyl will make you the brightest star?

Which Heat Transfer Vinyl will make you the brightest star?

Inspire your creativity with iridescent heat transfer projects!

As we can see in a variety of clothing stores and shops, most beautiful T-shirts all feature glittery and shiny images, pictures, or letters. Actually, you can create such amazing clothes with heat transfer vinyl (HTV) by yourselves.

HTV, which is called heat transfer vinyl, is made of PET, HTV vinyl (a kind of hot glue), and a protective film. HTV works well on fabrics when ironed by a heat press. When pressing the HTV with a proper high temperature, the hot glue of the vinyl will melt and transfer the original images seamlessly to the objects.

For making ideal and colorful heat transfer projects, HTVRONT here will provide craft lovers and people who want to decorate lives by themselves with premium and novice-friendly materials.

HTV produced by HTVRONT includes tons of types with rich patterns, which will help your projects perform with different visual effects. Types like Glossy HTV, Matte HTV, Metallic HTV, Holographic HTV, Chameleon HTV, Glitter HTV, Galaxy HTV, and Patterned HTV are really impressive. Each type of HTV displays an exclusive specialty. And you can even try to let them go together to create your own uniqueness!

What's the visual effect & feature of these types of HTV?

Glossy & Matte HTV:

HTVRONT Glossy and Matte HTV are regular ones combining the most common colors, like White, Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Royal Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow, etc. What’s different is that glossy ones are much shinier than matte ones.

Metallic HTV:

Metallic HTV gives your creation a stunning metallic and embossed effect, which displays better exposure and brilliance.

Holographic HTV:

Crystal Holographic HTV features your project with a crystal visual effect. Various crystal patterns display great sparkling and glistening luster.

Chameleon HTV:

Chameleon HTV attracts many craft lovers to make more innovative projects with its colorful and special pattern. It reflects a colorful and smooth texture, especially under the light.

Glitter HTV:

Glitter HTV makes your projects garnish with vibrant sparkles. With pink, blue, and gold sparkles shining on the clothes, you will be the most eye-catching one in the crows.

Galaxy HTV:

Galaxy HTV provides you with patterns featuring the beauty of the galaxy, which performs your uniqueness well and is full of magic.


Why should we choose HTVRONT from the crowd?

There is a variety of HTV on markets that you can choose from, but there are some reasons you may concern about which will help you decide why HTVRONT is the best. 

Multiple patterns as choices:

You can choose lots of patterns of HTV at ease, which all bring you a fabulous creating experience. Combining with different types of HTV, the results can be truly stunning and surprise you at first sight. So why not give them a try! 

Excellent Water Resistance:

Moreover, this HTV features excellent water resistance that can abide by repeated washes and outdoor uses no matter the weather. Therefore, its vibrant and bright colors can last for quite a long time.

Easy to Use and Transfer:

Without going through complicated procedures, HTVRONT produces novice-friendly HTVs. They are extremely easy to use and transfer following the included instructions. These HTVs are also compatible with most cutting machines. To put the vinyl on your ideal projects, what you need to do is just cut, weed, and press.


Strong Stretchability and Durable:

HTVRONT’s top-quality HTV performs long-lasting durability when applied to fabrics. The images you transfer successfully will display excellent stickiness without cracking and fading. Its iridescent color brilliance and perfect shapes are able to retain even after the project has been stretching hardly. Besides, this HTV is very flexible, especially in machine washes. 

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