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Why does my vinyl have bubbles? How to stop heat transfer vinyl layers from bubbling?

Heat Transfer Vinyl

When you over-press your vinyl design, this happens. Applying too much heat to the vinyl will cause the glue that helps adhere it to the material to either evaporate. And your hold won't be as strong, it will push up the glue and form bubbles.

Before you solve this problem, you need to know whether your press is working properly. Sometimes, the heating element in the heat press will go bad, making it unable to heat to the set temperature. There may also be hot and cold spots on the entire pressure plate. Purchase a temperature gun to test the accuracy of the printing press.

Each type of HTV Vinyl has its own method of use and that it needs to be applied with.

When using HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl), time, temperature and pressure are extremely important factors. Check the instructions of the vinyl you are using and make sure all settings are correct.

Time-If the ironing time is too short, the HTV will not stick to the shirt. Long pressing or ironing may have the same effect. HTV works by using heat activated adhesives, so little time and the heat is not enough to stick. Too long, it will actually burn off the adhesive.

Temperature-Not all heat press vinyls are used at the same temperature. Check to make sure you are using the recommended temperature. It is really more convenient to use a heat press than an iron to adjust the temperature and time with accuracy.

You must also consider what to wear on the media. Beware of granite, stones, or surfaces that absorb iron heat. Do not use an ironing board or any other objects that will hold the iron firmly.

Pressure- This is usually a problem you’ll run into with using an iron rather than a heat press. It is difficult to press down your design with an iron, especially for large designs.And you have to consider what your shirt is laying on to the press. Beware of stone, granite, or surfaces that will absorb the heat from iron. Don’t use an ironing board or anything, it will not allow you to get a really firm press with your iron.


If you are doing vinyl craft and there are already bubbles, you are now looking for a solution online, use a squeegee to press out the bubbles.
Some bubbles are trapped under the decal which cause problems. Therefore, bubbles need to be removed by hand.

Stop htv vinyl layers from the bubbling, I will show you how to do it!

Please be careful when you’re pressing with Cricut Easy Press or a heat press that you don’t press for too long or too short, otherwise the layers will shrink a little or the vinyl will not stick to the project.


I use the Cricut EasyPress settings:

HEAT: 302°F
TIME: 15 seconds

The best thing to do is to press 302°F  for 8-10 seconds and after a cold then try to pull up the carrier sheet. If the craft vinyl doesn’t come up with it then move on to the next layer. If it comes up, lay the carrier sheet back down and press for 3-5 seconds.

You do not need extra pressure or extra heat to get a good press for your project. Just make sure you press firmly the first time, and only use the recommended heat settings for the project!

If you’re new to heat transfer vinyl and are overwhelmed by all the choices, colors, and patterns. I highly suggest HTVRont Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Always remember to press for short amounts of time when doing multi-layer projects! Short periods of heat are better when working with layers because if you press for too long the layers will shrink and not line up properly. Never press a layer for longer than 4 seconds.

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