Why is My Cricut Not Cutting Properly

Why is My Cricut Not Cutting Properly
Why is My Cricut Not Cutting Properly

This problem can usually be solved through some basic troubleshooting.Please check the following:

1. The material you want to cut must match the material you selected in the material settings. Make sure that the material setting selected on the "Design Space“ or "Smart Settings Dial" matches the material on the machine pad. For the Cricut Explore model, if the turntable has been set to "Custom", please make sure you have selected the appropriate material from the "Custom Material" list.

2. Use Circut brand blades. Open clamp B, and then remove the blade holder from the machine. Make sure you are using Cricut brand blades. Then nspect the blade and blade housing, and remove any debris that may be stuck to the blade or remaining in the blade housing. After cleaning make a test cut. Make sure that the blade is deep enough to cut cardstock. In most cases, five are perfect.

3. Increase the pressure to the highest setting. Open the "Manage custom materials" page through the account menu and increase the pressure the material sttings by 2-4, and then perform a test cut. You may need to increase the pressure setting by 2-3 times, in 2-4 increments, to see the changes in the cutting results.

4. Clean the cutting mat to remove debris and leave a certain amount of space at the front and back of the machine.

5. Try using a diffrert web browser.

6. Try to cut other materials, such as printer paper, with settings suitable for the material. Did you experience the same result? If this is not the case, there may be a problem with the original material you are cutting.

When you find that Circut is not cutting correctly, the above tips are general troubleshooting steps.

Why is My Cricut Not Cutting Properly
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