HTVRONT Vinyl - DIY Pet Shirts for Kids

HTVRONT Vinyl - DIY Pet Shirts for Kids

Do you like pets? I guess you must like it. The joy of family is inseparable from the company of pets. It will be fun to make a pet T-shirt for children.
As a mother, you must have taken many pictures of children and pets together. Children wearing pet T-shirts with cats or dogs to take pictures together, imagine it is really cute.

Take pictures of children and pets in the room, to share happiness. Why not do something special to commemorate the growth of children and dogs?
I think this must be very meaningful! There are many interesting ways to personalize shirt about your pets, don't worry, we have some inspirations to help you get started!

T-shirt About Puppy 


The pattern is not complicated, you need brown, coffee, white, gray, black,Khaki HTV Vinyl


T-shirt About Cats



Is a funny cat? Use black and white Heat Transfer Vinyl, you can make it!


T-shirt About Fashion



You can make fashion with your pet T-shirts


Do you want to make the T-shirt for your kids? If you are looking for cheap htv vinyl, click HERE, Wish you a pleasant journey by CRAFTS.

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