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How to Select the Best Sublimation Paper for DIY Project?

How to Select the Best Sublimation Paper for DIY Project?

Selecting sublimation paper is crucial to achieving exceptional results if you dive into the world of do-it-yourself (DIY) sublimation projects. With many options available, knowing which one to choose can be overwhelming. But fear not! This comprehensive guide will walk you through selecting the best sublimation paper for your DIY project.

Whether you're creating personalized t-shirts, custom mugs, or vibrant home decor, the quality of your sublimation paper can make all the difference. We will explore the key factors, including compatibility, weight, coating, etc. By understanding these essential elements, you can equip yourself to make an informed decision and take your DIY sublimation endeavors to new heights.

So, get ready to free the potential of your DIY projects with this comprehensive guide on what is the best sublimation paper. Let's dive in!


Part 1: What to focus on when choosing a sublimation paper?

For the best sublimation paper, there are several crucial factors to consider. Firstly, affordability plays a significant role, as you want to balance quality and cost-effectiveness. Compare prices and view the quantity needed for your projects for the best value.

  • Compatibility: Check if the sublimation paper is suitable for heat press or iron use. Different papers have different heat and pressure requirements, so ensure they align with your equipment to achieve optimal results.
  • Image transfer quality: Use sublimation paper that produces vibrant, sharp, and accurate colors. The paper's coating should effectively hold the ink, preventing smudging or bleeding during the transfer process.
  • Durability:It is also critical, mainly if you're working with fabrics or items that require frequent washing or heavy use. Choose a sublimation paper that can withstand repeated washings without compromising the image's integrity.
  • Coating: Look for sublimation paper with a high-quality coating. The coating holds the sublimation ink and ensures it transfers effectively to the substrate. A good layer promotes vibrant colors and sharp details and prevents ink bleeding or smudging. Consider papers with a microporous coating for enhanced performance.
  • Drying time:Consider the drying time of the sublimation paper. Faster drying times can increase efficiency and productivity, especially for high-volume printing. Quick-drying papers also minimize the risk of smudging or color transfer during handling.
  • Application:Consider the type of substrates or materials you plan to transfer your designs onto. Some sublimation papers work better with specific materials like fabrics, ceramics, metals, or plastics. Ensure the paper you choose is suitable for the intended application.

Pro tips: Consider the weight of the sublimation paper, as it can impact the overall print quality and durability. Heavier papers generally offer better ink absorption, producing more vibrant and long-lasting prints. On the other hand, lighter papers are suitable for delicate fabrics or applications where a thinner substrate is preferred.

Best sublimation paper


A-SUB Sublimation Paper

a-sub sublimation paper

A-SUB Sublimation Paper can be one of the most popular sublimation papers in 2023. It combines absolutely premium quality with proper thickness for vibrant printing via inkjet printers. Therefore, this sublimation paper always demonstrates better when working with deep and highly saturated designs and pictures, especially polyester fabrics. 

In addition to the polyester application, you can also apply A-SUB Sublimation Paper to ceramic mugs, cups, metal items, and even wooden boards. Your designs can show up in a much more bright and more colorful way. 

Price: $18.99
Weights: 120gsm
Sheet count: 110sheets
Price/Count: 17cents/Count
Transfer rate: Over 98%
Size: 8.5*11 inches

Take a look here if you're looking for a: detailed review on A-Sub sublimation paper and its alternatives.


HTVRONT Sublimation Paper [Best Deals]

HTVRONT Sublimation Paper is usually one of my must-haves. I do love its high transfer rate of over 98% and dry-rapidly feature, transferring my complicated designs perfectly to the fabrics. Not to mention it has a wonderful accessory of HTV Vinyl for sublimation paper, which is perfect for working as a medium between sublimation ink and 100% cotton. Best sublimation paper companion ever!

What’s more, under the same weight per square meter, HTVRONT combines a greater price for more sheets, making the price for each count worthwhile. And there will be no worry about material deficiency during craft tests and massive production. While putting it into use, it is also pretty easy for crafters to distinguish the printable side since the paper backing is designed to be pink. What a thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing detail! 

Price: $21.99
Weights: 120gsm
Sheet count: 150sheets
Price/Count: 15cents/Count
Transfer rate: Over 98%
Size: 8.5*11 inches



hiipoo sublimation paper

Hiipoo is a popular choice among sublimation enthusiasts. They provide a range of sublimation paper sizes and weights to accommodate different printing requirements. Their sublimation paper is famous for its consistent quality and ability to produce sharp and vivid colors. Hiipoo paper is highly regarded for its compatibility with various substrates and its overall value for money.

General reviews: 4.5/5


  • 5x11 Sublimation Paper

Price: $0.12 per count.

Hands-on Experience:

  • Experience the convenience and quality of Hiipoo sublimation paper 8.5x11. This paper offers instant drying, ensuring that your prints come out of the printer completely dry, eliminating the need for waiting. With over 98% ultra-high transfer rate, your designs maintain true colors and precision while also saving on ink consumption.
  • Hiipoo sublimation paper, with its 120g thickness, provides excellent elasticity and ensures that the paper stays flat during printing. Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free printing experience. Please note that the white side is the printing side, while the pink side is the back.
  • Using Hiipoo sublimation paper is easy. Print your image using an inkjet printer with sublimation ink, ensuring to select the "Mirror Image" setting. Adjust the recommended heat press settings and place your sublimation blanks onto the machine. After heating is complete, peel off the transfer paper, and voila! Your transfer is over, bringing your creative ideas to life in just minutes.
  • The broad applicability of Hiipoo sublimation paper allows you to transfer text and images onto light-colored fabrics with up to 30% cotton or polyester. It also works effectively with mugs, tumblers, phone cases, puzzles, mouse pads, ceramic plates, bags, and cups. Create unique and personalized DIY gifts for special occasions like Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or even weddings.
  • The package includes 110 sheets of Hiipoo 120g sublimation paper 8.5x11, accompanied by instructions for use printed on the back. Use this paper with sublimation ink and sublimation blanks only for optimal results. It is compatible with E, Sawgrass, Ricoh, and other sublimation printers and works exceptionally well with Hiipoo ink.


Printers Jack Sublimation Paper


printer jack sublimation paper


General reviews: 4.2/5


  • 120gsm
  • 8.5*11 inches

Price: Approximately $0.13 per count.

Hands-on Experience:
Printers Jack Sublimation Paper is always famous for its excellent compatibility with diverse printer brands. No matter whether you’re using Epson, HP, or Canon, it can be your good pick while searching for the best sublimation paper design to print out fabulous images. 

This printable sublimation paper also features a fast-drying characteristic. This way, every crafter is allowed to realize their fantastic crafting works efficiently and without wasting time. But you may need to take a careful look at the side suitable for printing.

Koala Sublimation Paper

koloa sublimation paper

General reviews: 4.3/5


  • 105gsm
  • 8.5*11 inches

Price: Approximately $0.11 per count.

Hands-on Experience:
I have to admit that Koala Sublimation Paper is the thinnest sublimation paper among all the brands I recommend here. Even though the thicker paper you use, the better your highly saturated pictures can turn out to be, you can still apply Koala Sublimation Paper for fantastic and vivid crystal design printing and smaller designs. Only need to be careful not to tear the paper while in use.

One of its advantages is that this printable sublimation paper goes quite smoothly in printers. It rarely comes in jams and, therefore, avoids paper wasting during the crafting process.


Crafting Besties:

crafting besties sublimation paper

Crafting Besties sublimation paper is another reliable brand known for its sublimation paper. Although specific product details and specifications may vary, their sublimation paper is designed for vibrant, long-lasting prints. The brand offers different sizes to cater to various project needs, and its paper is well-regarded for its ease of use and impressive image transfer results.

General reviews: 4.3/5


  • 5x11 Sublimation Paper
  • 5x14 Sublimation Paper
  • 11x17 Sublimation Paper 
  • 13x19 Sublimation Paper

Price: Approximately $0.3 per count.

Hands-on Experience:

  • Experience superior performance and exceptional results with Craft Besties sublimation paper. With an impressive 99% ink release rate, this paper always ensures vibrant and accurate prints. The lower temperature requirement sets it apart, averaging 20 degrees lower (380-385°F), making it perfect for use with the Original Cricut Easy Press.
  • Craft Besties sublimation paper takes efficiency to the next level with a remarkable 99% ink release rate, allowing for faster image transfer than leading brands. It boasts a 1.5 times shorter release time, typically taking only 40-45 seconds to achieve optimal results.
  • Say goodbye to unwanted bleeding. Our sublimation paper prevents any bleeding of colors, ensuring crisp and clean prints. Your designs will maintain their sharpness and precision, even with intricate details.
  • When it comes to drying time, Craft Besties sublimation paper  It dries quickly with most Epson, Epson EcoTank, and Sawgrass printers. This means you can efficiently print multiple designs without worrying about smudging or smearing.
  • Experience the difference with Craft Besties sublimation paper – a reliable choice that offers exceptional ink release, faster printing, no bleeding, and quick drying times. Elevate your sublimation projects with confidence and achieve professional-quality results every time.


TexPrint DT Heavy

texprint sublimation paper

TexPrint is a trusted brand in the sublimation industry, offering reliable sublimation paper for both small-scale and commercial printing. Their sublimation paper is known for its exceptional ink transfer, allowing for accurate color reproduction and fine details. TexPrint offers different sizes and weights to suit diverse printing needs, and their paper is appreciated for its durability and professional-grade results.

General reviews: 4.7/5


  • 5x11 Sublimation Paper

Price: $0.30 per count.

Hands-on Experience:

  • Prepare for high-quality sublimation printing with 110 TexPrint-R Sublimation Heavy Paper. Designed for use with Ricoh printers, this paper ensures excellent transfer results without the retail packaging.
  • Experience the versatility of this paper, which is suitable for a wide range of sublimation products. Whether printing on phone cases, mugs, shirts, puzzles, keychains, clocks, mouse pads, or more, TexPrint-R Sublimation Heavy Paper delivers exceptional performance and vibrant colors.
  • The special coating on this paper allows it to work seamlessly with sublimation inks. When used correctly, you can achieve excellent quality transfers on various materials. Expect more colorful and brighter prints, bringing your designs to life with stunning clarity.
  • We've also included INNOSUB 1x Roll Thermal Tape to assist with your sublimation process. This heat-resistant tape is perfect for securing your sublimation materials, ensuring precise and reliable transfers.

 And that's not the end of it. We still collect some other brand for you to compare and choose the most suitable sublimation paper:

Sawgrass Sublimation Paper Review & Best Alternatives 2023

Part 3: Things you should care about when using sublimation paper

Here are some practical tips for beginners to ensure they get the best sublimation paper:

  • Printer Selection: Choose a sublimation printer compatible with your sublimation paper and ink. Dedicated sublimation printers offer better color accuracy and ink control than regular inkjet printers. Look for models that have a wide color gamut and high-resolution capabilities.
  • Temperature and Time:The optimal temperature and time for sublimation can vary depending on the substrate you are working with. For most fabric items, a temperature range of 375°F - 400°F (190°C to 205°C) and a press time of 45 - 60 seconds is a good starting point. However, it's essential to consult the sublimation paper and substrate manufacturer's instructions for precise temperature and time settings.
  • Heat Press Considerations:Invest in a quality heat press machine that provides consistent temperature and pressure across the entire surface. Make sure to preheat the heat press before starting the transfer process. Use a heat-resistant tape to secure the sublimation paper onto the substrate to prevent shifting during pressing.
  • Image Resolution and Design:Use high-resolution images (at least 300 DPI) for your designs to achieve sharp and vibrant results. Avoid low-resolution or pixelated photos as they may result in poor print quality. Ensure your design fits within the printable area of the sublimation paper to avoid any cutoff or misalignment issues.
  • Substrate Selection:Different substrates require different considerations. Sublimation paper is typically used directly for items like t-shirts, mousepads, or ceramic mugs. However, for heat transfer vinyl (HTV) applications, sublimation paper is not suitable. HTV vinyl helps transfer designs onto cotton, polyester blends, or non-sublimation-friendly surfaces. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of sublimation paper versus HTV vinyl is essential.
  • Test Prints:Always perform test prints and transfers before embarking on larger production runs or pressing onto expensive substrates. This allows you to evaluate the color accuracy, image sharpness, and overall quality before committing to total production.


Part4: Summary and FAQ

Thus, while choosing the best sublimation paper, you should consider factors like affordability, compatibility with your heat press or iron, image transfer quality, durability, and the weight of the paper. You can choose from our examples, like the crafting besties' sublimation paper. However, if you enjoy vibrant colors, impeccable details, and stunningly decorated images, go for the HTVRONT transfer sublimation paper, and take your creations to the next level with outstanding quality and results.


Q1. what’s the difference between a sublimation paper for heat transfer and a printer? 

A: The difference between a sublimation paper for heat transfer and a printer lies in their roles within the sublimation process. Sublimation paper is the technical paper used to hold and transfer the sublimation inks onto the substrate. In contrast, a sublimation printer is the equipment responsible for printing the design onto the sublimation paper using the sublimation inks. 

Q2. How many types of sublimation papers are there?

A: There are generally two main types of sublimation paper: light and dark. 

Light sublimation paper is designed for light-colored or white substrates, while dark sublimation paper is specifically for dark-colored substrates. Each type of sublimation paper is optimized to deliver the best results on its respective type of substrate, ensuring vibrant and accurate color reproduction.

Q3. Can you use regular ink on sublimation paper?
A: No. Sublimation paper is designed to combine special sublimation ink, which can hold onto the paper firmly and is resistant to high heat. Regular ink on sublimation paper can turn out to be awful after sublimating and get faded during the laundry.

Q4. Can you use parchment paper for sublimation?
A: Yes. Parchment paper can usually abide at high temperatures up to 220℃. If you are using thin sublimation paper with deep colors, you may consider the parchment paper as a helper to avoid ink leakage on your substrates.

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