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How to Use HTVRont HTV to Make Crafting Projects

To be honest, I think HTVRont vinyl weeds very easily and it "bubbles" way less than the Cricut brand HTV vinyl.
Seems to take less time to adhere to the fabric as well. It always comes out looking great and is very easy to use! Here's my method for using this vinyl with a Cricut:

1. Cut out the size you need
2. Place the vinyl MATTE side DOWN (or glossy side up) on the sticky mat
3. Cut mirrored design using Cricut machine on the "iron-on" setting
4. Weed the excess vinyl using Cricut weeding tool
5. Place the vinyl MATTE side UP (so the vinyl will adhere to the fabric)
6. Warm the fabric up with an iron on med-high heat for 15-20 seconds
7. Peel the transfer sheet from the now-adhered vinyl to reveal your finished design
8. If the design isn't fully adhered, place iron on top of the transfer sheet again for 10-15 seconds.

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