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How to cut heat transfer vinyl with silhouette cameo 4

How to cut heat transfer vinyl with silhouette cameo 4
Heat transfer vinyl is a special type of vinyl that can be cut on a Silhouette or Cricut cutting machine, and then heated and pressurized onto fabrics such as clothes, pillowcases, bags, etc. You can use a heat press or iron. If you want to carry out many HTV projects or complete sales, then we strongly recommend that you use a heat press!Whether you are new to Silhouette CAMEO or a beginner in thermal transfer vinyl, HTVRONT has some tips and tricks to help you start your first HTV project!
How to Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl with Silhouette Cameo 3

Silhouette CAMEO Heat Transfer Vinyl Tips for Beginners

HTVRONT recommends simplifying your first heat transfer project by using a T-shirt, which has a larger open area and is easy to iron or heat press. You may also want to test HTV vinyl on a cheap product first until you master it. I found several old T-shirts in the closet at home that my husband no longer wears.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Basics for Beginners

You can buy heat transfer vinyl sheets or rolls at the HTVRONT store. HTVRONT is the best quality heat transfer vinyl brand, they cut very easily and consistently on Silhouette CAMEO and Cricut.

Before you try to use Glitter HTV, Stretch HTV, or layering HTV, if you use a smooth HTV like HTVRONT PU Materail-(it has multiple colors)-start cutting, you will learn more basics Knowledge, you will be more confident in your future attempts and use!

Except for some patterned heat transfer vinyls, most heat transfer vinyls are placed on a transparent carrier plate. The HTV must be reversely cut and weeded, while keeping the required parts on the transparent carrier board. After the HTV on the transparent carrier plate is pressed to the surface of the T-shirt, the carrier plate can be removed.

The Supplies and Tools you may need:
1. Heat Transfer Vinyl
2. Cutting mat
3. Silhouette CAMEO 4
4. Mini Easy Heat Press
5. Teflon Sheets
6. T-shirts or other fabric where you want to iron on.

Silhouette CAMEO Heat Transfer Vinyl Tips for Beginners

How to Set Up for HTV in Silhouette Studio?

Open the Silhouette Studio software. I made a T-shirt for my son using Design, which is available for free on our HTVRONT store. If you also like the design of our store, you can also send an email to contact us. We will tell you how to get it for free.Find your design in your folder and double-click to open it.

First, Import the file

You need to import the file you need to design on Silhouette Studio. Adjust your position. To avoid waste, I usually adjust the file to the upper left corner. (Picture) Note that since your HTV needs to be ironed onto the clothes, don’t forget to mirror or flip the design in Silhouette Studio.

Second, Paste the vinyl on the Cutting Mat

Paste the vinyl we need to the cutting mat of the HTVRONT so that the shiny side of the HTV is facing down. This will make the adhesive side or back of the HTV face up-that's why the reverse cut is necessary. Here, you can use the cutting mat of the HTVRONT brand, which is sticky and can be reused many times. (Pictured)

Third, Put HTV into the machine

Put the upper edge of the cutting mat into the machine, lightly lean against the roller, and then align the left edge with the line and arrow on the left side of the machine. This will pull the mat and HTV under the drum and into the correct starting position.

Forth, Send for cutting

After adjusting the position, return to Silhouette Studio and click "Send" from the "Send" panel to start cutting.

Last, Cutting finished

After the cutting is finished, weed the weeds-I usually use our HTVRONT weeding tool set, and then it can be hot pressed onto the clothes. At this point, your cutting step is complete.


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