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Ultimate Guide: How to Sublimate on Glass?

Ultimate Guide: How to Sublimate on Glass?

Stop only applying sublimation to bags and T-shirts! As is known to all, the sublimation technique is a good method of transferring highly saturated pictures and patterns to some sorts of surfaces, but what objects are suitable for this technique, how to do sublimation in reality, and can you sublimate onto glass? The answer is, of course!

Can you sublimate on glass?

Before diving into this question, you may need to get the gist of the definition of sublimation.

Typically, sublimation is a heat transfer method that works on objects with a special coating. Since its working principle is to melt sublimation ink and embed it into the surface, the applied coating that can realize this process is called sublimation coating, which is also a kind of polyester coating. That's why you are free to sublimate on polyester T-shirts directly with no extra process.

Unlike fabrics, which will not deform or crack under high temperatures and can absorb inks, other hard substrates like glass, cups, mugs, tumblers, wood, and metal must require the sublimation coating mentioned. And the color brilliance and brightness of the selected pictures can be extraordinary when transferred to surfaces. Perfect for turning your daily items into personalized and innovative embellishments in life and preparing you since the onset of your creative activities.

So today, I'm going to share all my tips and tricks for sublimation on glass and answer your query about: Can I sublimate on any glass?.

How to sublimate on glass?

Here, I will demonstrate two sublimation projects with you guys. One is sublimation on glass cups, and another on sublimation glass blanks.

Now, make yourself a good provision first to ensure a smooth crafting process:

1. Sublimation glass blanks and cups
2. Sublimation paper
3. Sublimation ink
4. Inkjet Printer
5. Heat press or Mug Press
6. Heat-resistant tape
7. Parchment paper
8. Lint roller
9. Heat-resistant mat

There are also two ways to get some sublimation glass. You can just buy ready-made sublimation glass blanks online or get some regular items and apply sublimation coating spray by yourself. For the record, I do not recommend the second one, as there will be uneven lines once you brush the liquid uniformly on the surface. And the glass itself may turn yellow after you cure the sublimation coating first before sublimating, which will really prevent the projects from achieving their ideal results.

First, select your desired picture, image, or photo on the computer and print it out with sublimation ink, sublimation paper, and an inkjet printer. A laser printer may work out, too. But the inkjet printer has been tested to be the best one to get a vibrant and clear result.sublimation on glass

Note that the glass blank I chose features a backside sublimation area, which will show the images reversely from the front side. Therefore, while printing out the picture, you don't have to mirror the image on your computer in advance.sublimation on glass

Use a lint roller to remove the lint and dust from the sublimation glass. This way, your final project can be clear without impurities.

Align the printed sublimation paper in the center of the glass blank according to your needs, and use heat-resistant tape to fix the position.sublimation glass blanks

Place the sublimation glass on the heat-resistant mat with the sublimation side up, and cover the glass blank with parchment paper to avoid a straightforward touch with the heat plate.

Preheat your heat press to 365°F. Once the heat press machine hits the set temperature, you need to apply the heat to the sublimation glass for around 6 minutes, which is a really long pressing time.can you sublimate onto glass

But since mine here is the HTVRONT auto heat press, which can exert pressure and release the sublimation glass blanks when the ironing process completes automatically, it does save me lots of leisure time and energy pressing on the project.can you sublimate on glass cups

After sublimating, take off the parchment paper, and heat-resistant tape as the high temperature cools down. Then you're able to enjoy your fabulous glass sublimation work.

How to do Sublimation on glass cups?

And to sublimate on glass cup or tumbler, it’s almost the same thing. But you have to remind yourself that the sublimation on glass cups and tumblers always asks for a reversed printing image, which means you have to mirror the picture in advance before the sublimation on glass.

And usually, it's not convenient to adopt a regular heat press with a flat heat plate for cups and tumblers because of their curved surfaces. So if you're about to apply sublimation to glass cups, remember to use the exclusive cup or mug heat press. This type of heat press combines a roughly semicircular heat plate, which can heat curved objects more effortlessly.

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can you sublimate on glass cupsbest sublimation bundle for tumblersbest sublimation bundle for tumblers

Trim your printed sublimation paper and wrap it on the sublimation tumblers with pictures facing inside. Fasten the sublimation paper with heat-resistant tape and send it directly to the heat press. There's no protective paper needed. When you finish pressing half of the cups, rotate it 180 degrees to press another side.sublimation on glass cups

For sublimation on glass cups, the pressing time varies. Usually, it takes around two minutes to complete ironing one part. Therefore, the whole heat pressing process can be around four minutes so as to enjoy your final work.sublimation on glass cups

Best sublimation bundle for tumblers

Personally speaking, I would recommend the HTVRONT sublimation bundle for most crafters, no matter whether you're a beginner or an experienced one.

HTVRONT sublimation bundle always comes in an all-in-one choice, which takes most of my concerns into account. Meanwhile, its sublimation paper is made of high-quality materials with over 98% high transfer rate and fast-drying features. The results I made with this sublimation paper are flawless most of the time and hard to fade away during laundry.

In addition, HTVRONT also has heat transfer vinyl for Sublimation, allowing you to apply sublimation paper onto 100% cotton shirts with diverse visual effects like matte, glittery, and glossy. That's why I love it so much, and the vivid color on the cotton got me a big fan of this product!

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