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The Ultimate Guide to HTVRONT Auto Heat Press 2023 Updated

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press
If you've been in the crafting world for a while, you know what a heat press is. As we all know, heat presses are often large, industrial-looking machines that can be intimidating, especially for new users. Considering this, HTVRONT is about to release its latest product: the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, a thoroughly redesigned and automatic heat press . As different as the time-consuming and laborious manual heat presses on the market, the HTVRONT Autopress heat press can complete the whole process of heat pressing with just one click. Users only need to place the materials in advance and set the corresponding time and temperature. 

Whether you want to make two dozen t-shirts for a family reunion, a bunch of totes for a baby shower, or upgrade and design custom sweatshirts for your online store, you will love this Autopress heat press that can help create more fascinating things faster.

In this article, I will cover all the features and basic operations of the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, including how this auto heat press machine differs from other heat presses on the market and the Cricut Auto Press. 


Auto Heat Press


★ What is HTVRONT Auto Heat Press

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is committed to providing craft lovers a much easier and safer experience by adopting an automatic lifting structure with just one button. As the world-first household heat press with auto pressure exertion, the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press can adjust to the thickness of the materials and apply the pressure automatically. Combined with four fast modes, HTVRONT Autopress heat press gives its customers reassurance to make professional and delicate projects in batches and minutes by themselves. As we can see, the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press now devises many intelligent functions making it stand out from the crowd. While the Autopress heat press may seem more suitable for mass production or artisans with small businesses, HTVRONT heat press also suits beginners who can operate it effortlessly.



★ What are the main features of the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press?


1.Fast heating

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press offers users an excellent heating experience during the DIY process. HTVRONT heat press only takes approximately 6mins to heat from room temperature to 410°F (210°C). And it needs less than 4mins to reach a common-use temperature of 160℃, almost twice faster as regular machines. Therefore, this machine is much more efficient than other brands.  


2.Smart-Heat Press

As the most convenient heat press with a one-button start, this machine is simple to set and start with zero push. Meanwhile, crafters don’t have to worry about pressure settings since this automatic heat press can auto-adjust materials up to 2.5 cm thick. Moreover, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press will turn off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity with the auto-off feature. 


3.Evenly heating

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press adopts the first-industry dual-zone heating engine, which provides even heat edge-to-edge. In addition, the soleplate combined with the NTC thermistor technology can help control the actual temperature and time more precisely.  


4.Wide application

With a 15*15inch heat plate inside, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is perfect for various DIY projects of all sizes. The Autopress heat press works as a good companion to cutting machines during the DIY process and fits all heat transfer materials and sublimation paper. 


5.Various Modes Setting

Including 4 fast modes (compatible with HTVRONT materials) and 2 user-defined modes, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press improves the efficiency to at least 300% within the same time. By clicking the “auto” button, the continuous ironing mode can help you create projects in batches.



HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is convenient to carry and place everywhere, combining with the lightest weight(38 pounds) on the market, for now, and a small volume of 20*12*16inch. In this way, the automatic heat press saves users lots of effort and time while putting it to use.


7.Safety Use

Separate heating and placing area plus thermal insulation materials avoid accidental burns. Adopting HTVRONT's innovative method of heat dissipation: H-Cooling technology, this Auto Heat Press can cool down much faster than before. With FCC & UL certificated, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press also reaches the required safety standard.


★ What’s the difference between HTVRONT Auto Heat Press and Cricut Auto Press?

1. More Intelligent Design: Designed with convenience in mind, the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is characterized by operation in one click instead of a two-finger push to set and start.

2. Higher Maximum temp: The maximum temperature of the Cricut Auto press is 205 degrees, and the maximum temperature of the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is 210 degrees. What's more, the HTVRONT heat press takes only about 6 minutes to reach its maximum temperature, and the Cricut Auto press needs around 8mins. Obviously, HTVRONT is more efficient and energy-saving and perfectly avoids energy waste during the heating process. 

The HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is equipped with a dual-zone heating engine, which takes 4mins to heat up to 160℃, 50% faster than other presses. Allow users to have the ultimate heating experience while reducing energy loss during the heating process. (Heating temperature and time reference table: 160°C: 3 minutes 45 seconds / 180°C: 4 minutes 30 seconds / 210°C: 5 minutes 50 seconds)

3. Lighter Weight: Compared to 53 pounds of Cricut Auto Heat Press, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is only 38 pounds, making it the lightest machine of its size on the market.

4. Price: The price of Cricut autopress is $799.99, but HTVRONT HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is only $279.99. The Cricut autopress price is a little expensive.  

 HTVRONT Auto Heat Press



★ What makes HTVRONT Auto Heat Press different from other heat presses?

1. Effortless Operation: Compared to traditional heat presses that need a manual press with large forces, you only need one quick click to complete your projects with our heat press automatic;

2. Perfect Pressure Adjustment: This smart heat press can auto-adjust to a thickness up to 2.5cm (1inch), which is different from the current manual machines that need to adjust the pressure manually;

3. Faster & Even Heating: HTVRONT automatic heat press designs a dual-zone heating engine and NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor technology for this heat press, which can ensure customers a fast and uniform temperature control of the heating plate;

4. Much Safer Design: Separate heating and placing areas reduce the risk of scalding and frustration during the heat pressing. The upper part combines multiple layers of thermal insulation protection material so that users can feel assured not to get burnt when touching accidentally;

5. Large Heat Plate: HTVRONT Auto Heat Press features a large heat plate of 15*15inch. Fully considering the users working with small production to large production projects;

6. Portable Design: HTVRONT heat press has the lightest weight of the same size(20*12*16inch) in the market now, only 38 pounds, lighter than the Cricut autopress 53-pound and other large manual presses around 50 pounds. There are handles on both sides of the machine, which can perfectly solve the carrying problems when using the heat press automatic;

7. Innovative Outshape: Unlike those large-scale heat presses with a rough appearance, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press adopts the aesthetic style of minimalism. Its novel and elegant appearance adds a sense of technology to your crafting room;

8. Maximum temperature: Its maximum temp of 210 degrees compared with the 205 degrees of Cricut Auto Press;

9. Celsius/Fahrenheit Switch: Users can switch the temperature units according to their own habits;

10. Various Fast Modes: Four built-in fast modes and two custom modes help locate the proper temperature and time you need with one key. And it will improve your work efficiency by at least 300% within the same time;

11. Continuous Ironing Mode: If you need to make batch production, HTVRONT takes care of this thought with an auto button. Users only need to place the items on the board, push the board into the machine and enjoy the work;

12. Auto Shutdown Function: If this heat press has no operation within 10 minutes, it will automatically shut down to avoid blazes. For further safety, it also utilizes an overcurrent and overheating protection fuse;

13.The 1.5m power cord and plugs are UL certified, fully guaranteeing users' safety;

Now, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press has been preheated on various platforms and will be unveiled for pre-sale in many countries! Let's wait and see!


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Customer Reviews


I am buying the heat press through Amazon Australia but I can not see voultage or if it Is Australian plug compatible
Sitting in cart but will not purchase until I receive an answer

HTVRONT replied:
Don’t worry.The voltage of HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is 230v and the AU Plug is used in Australia.


I press DTF and Plastisol transfers. Can you tell me the max pressure this machine can produce?
HTVRONT replied:
Yes.The maximum pressure of the automatic heat press machine is 40kg.



Fran Harris

Will this heat press make photo sublimation slates?


How do you power off without unplugging? My machine power light just keeps blinking long after 19 minutes of no operation
HTVRONT replied:
If this heat press has no operation within 10 minutes, it will automatically shut down to avoid blazes.And blinking light when turned off prompts us to unplug the press, which is safer.


How do you cut the machine off when your done
HTVRONT replied:
If this heat press has no operation within 10 minutes, it will automatically shut down to avoid blazes.And if you want to store the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, simply insert the mat back in and power down and also unplug the machine when not in use.

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