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The Ultimate Guide to HTVRONT Auto Heat Press

If you've been in the crafting world for a while, you know what a heat press is. Heat presses are often large, industrial-looking machines that can be intimidating, especially for new users.

HTVRONT is about to release the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, a completely redesigned heat press. Different from the time-consuming and laborious manual heat presses on the market, HTVRONT's new automatic heat press can easily complete the whole process of pattern ironing with one click, and the user only needs to place the material in advance and set the corresponding time and temperature.

Whether you're making two dozen t-shirts for a family reunion, a bunch of totes for a friend's baby shower, or you want to upgrade and have a comfortable custom sweatshirt for your new online store, I think you'll love this How a heat press lets you create more things faster.

In this article, I will cover all the features of the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, including how it differs from other heat presses on the market and how it differs from the Cricut AutoPress. We will also cover the basic operation of AutoPress.

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★ What is HTVRONT Auto Heat Press?

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is committed to providing craft lovers much easier and safer experience by adopting a reliable and even heating system. With the most advanced operating devices up to now, it’s effortless to use with just one button. As the industry-first heat press with a pressure transducer, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press shows the specific parameters intuitively and can auto adjust the pressure according to the materials. Combined with four fast modes, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press gives its customers reassurance to make professional and delicate projects in batches and minutes by themselves.

Heat presses are used to adhere iron on vinyl, and sublimation prints to a variety of flat blanks such as t-shirts, tote bags, coasters, etc. But, as you'll see, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press has a bunch of new features that make it stand out from other heat presses. While it may seem more suitable for mass production or artisans with small businesses, it is very easy to use - even beginners can easily operate it.

★ What’s the main features of the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press?

1.Fast heating

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press offers users an excellent heating experience during the DIY process. It only takes approximately 4 mins, almost twice faster as regular machines, to heat from room temperature to 410°F (210°C). Therefore, this machine is much more efficient than other brands.  

2.Smart-Heat Press

This machine is simple to set and start with only one button, which is the most convenient machine on the existing market with zero push. Crafters don’t have to worry about pressure settings since this heat press can auto-adjust materials up to 2.5 cm thick. Moreover, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press will turn off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity with the auto-off feature. 

3.Evenly heating

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press adopts the first-industry dual-zone heating engine, which provides even heat edge-to-edge. In addition, the soleplate combined with the NTC thermistor technology can help control the actual temperature and time more precisely.  

4. Wide application

With a 15" x 15" heat plate inside, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is perfect for various DIY projects of all sizes. It works as a good companion to cutting machines during the DIY process and fits all heat transfer materials and sublimation paper. 

5. Various Modes Setting

Including 4 fast modes (compatible with HTVRONT materials) and 2 user-defined modes, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press improves the efficiency to at least 300% within the same time. By clicking the “auto” button, the continuous iron mode can help you create projects in batches.

6. Lightweight

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is convenient to carry and place everywhere, combining with the lightest weight(32 pounds) on the market recently and a small volume. In this way, it saves users lots of effort and time while putting it to use.

7. Safety Use

Separate heating and placing area plus thermal insulation materials avoid accidental burns. Adopting HTVRONT innovative methods of heat dissipation: H-Cooling technology, this Auto Heat Press can cool down much faster than before. With FCC & UL certificated, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press also reaches the required safety standard.

★ What’s the difference between HTVRONT Auto Heat Press and Cricut autopress?

1.Machine Weight: At 53 pounds for the Cricut Autopress, but our HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is only 32 pounds, making it the lightest machine of its size on the market.

2.Maximum temperature: The maximum temperature of Cricut Autopress is 205 degrees, and the maximum temperature of HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is 210 degrees. The ultimate heating experience, it only takes about 4 minutes to reach the maximum temperature of 210 degrees, and it takes about 8 minutes for Cricut Autopress; the machine is efficient and energy-saving, perfectly avoids the energy loss of the machine during the heating process, and fully saves the production time and energy costs of customers. 

The HTVRONT automatic hot press is equipped with a dual-drive heating engine. The heating time is as short as 3 minutes and 45 seconds, and the heating plate can rise to the highest temperature (210 degrees). Allow users to have the ultimate heating experience, while reducing energy loss during the heating process. (Heating temperature and time reference table: 160°C: 3 minutes 45 seconds / 180°C: 4 minutes 30 seconds / 210°C: 5 minutes 50 seconds)

3. Industry-first pressure sensor: This automatic heat press is equipped with an industry-first pressure sensor, which can intelligently sense the thickness of the ironing material (the maximum ironable thickness is 2.5cm/1inch) during the pressing process, and automatically adjust the suitable pressure value for ironing.

★ What makes HTVRONT Auto Heat Press different from other heat presses?

1. The automatic hot press machine is different from the market that needs to be manually pressed with a very large force. From ironing to completion of the project, you only need to set the corresponding temperature and time, and you can complete it with one key;

2. Perfect pressure induction (the ironing product will automatically adjust the corresponding pressure during the pressing process and start working), the maximum ironing thickness is 2.5cm (1inch), which is different from the current manual machines that need to manually adjust the pressure, and the pressure Whether debugging is suitable depends entirely on feeling;

3. The industry's first product, dual-zone heating engine, uniform temperature control of the heating plate, through NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor technology to accurately detect the temperature of the heating base plate, the single-chip chip through the NTC resistance value changes, accurately control the base plate temperature at 15* The temperature of each position on the 15in heating area is almost the same, and the unity and precise time control of the displayed temperature and the actual temperature are realized;

4. The most easy-to-operate machine in the hot press market: only one key is needed to complete the whole process of ironing and opening, and customers do not need to assemble and other tedious operations when receiving the product, just plug in Power up and start the corresponding program to start enjoying the production process;

5. Fully consider the user's safety and convenience: the heating area and the placement area are completely staggered, so that users can freely and safely make their own projects without worrying about the existing large-scale hot press heating plate hindering production and the risk of scalding, and the heating plate The upper part is designed with multiple layers of thermal insulation protection material, and the surface reaches a safe and tactile temperature, so that users can avoid the risk of burns when touching, and enjoy the whole process of DIY fun and production safely and safely;

6. The size of the heating plate of the machine is: 15*15inch. Fully consider the user from small production to large production projects, which is perfectly suitable for the creation of craftsmen;

7. The weight of the machine is the lightest of the same size in the market, only 32 pounds, Cricut Autopress is 53 pounds, and other large manual hot presses are also about 50 pounds, and there are handrails on both sides of the machine to perfectly solve the handling and needs of customers when using the machine. The convenience of moving the position, the size of the machine is 50*30*40, which is smaller than the placement area required by the current machine of the same size, and can be placed independently and freely in any position of your own hand-made studio;

8. Innovative shape design, the product is exquisite, novel, fashionable and dynamic, and removes the rough appearance of the existing large-scale hot press; the appearance and size of the product are different from the current large-scale hot press on the market, and the machine occupies a small space. At the same time, the novel and beautiful appearance adds a sense of technology to the user's creation room;

9. There is no need to wait and continue to pay attention to the completion progress during the production process. You only need to place the work and start it with one button to do other things, and let the machine complete the whole process of production, perfectly avoiding the risk of work failure caused by improper operation. , fully reduce the loss of customers;

10. Maximum temperature: 210 degrees Cricut Autopress—205, the ultimate heating experience, it only takes about 4 minutes to reach the maximum temperature of 210 degrees, and Cricut Autopress takes about 8 minutes; Loss, fully save the customer's production time and energy costs;

11. With the switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, users can switch the temperature display according to their own habits;

12. Built-in 4 inherent fast modes (with HTVRONT materials) and two custom memory modes, you can locate the temperature and time you need with one key, and improve the production efficiency of customers by at least 3 times at the same time cost.

13. Continuous ironing mode: when the customer needs to make a large number of the same works at one time, they can click the auto button. After the startup is successful, the customer only needs to place the items on the board and push the board into the machine, it will automatically start and complete the ironing Work;

14. Timing shutdown function, when it is detected that the machine has no operation within 10 minutes, it will automatically shut down the machine. For safety protection, the product is equipped with an overcurrent protection fuse and an overheating protection fuse. When the machine detects overheating, it will automatically stop heating. To protect the safety and reliability of customers' use;

15. 1.5m power cord, 1500W max 6A, power cord and other spare parts are UL certified, quality and safety are fully guaranteed;

At present, this fully automatic hot press has been preheated, and will be launched for pre-sale in many overseas countries and platforms! Let's wait and see!

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