What is Holographic Vinyl?

What is Holographic Vinyl?

Holographic vinyl cutting is almost exactly the same as other vinyls you have used. HTVRont Holographic vinyl has 16 different color schemes. The holographic vinyl gives off a highly-reflective sheen of metallic as Cricut reflective vinyl. No matter how you look at holographic vinyl, it will always look silver, gold, purple, turquoise,soil gold, etc. On the other hand, holographic vinyl can be viewed more as a iridescent vinyl...depending on how you look at it, it can appear to multiple colors that change with light.  HTVRont Holographic vinyl  is a better choice than Cricut holographic vinyl.

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How to Use Holographic Vinyl?

There are Tips and Tricks for Working with Holographic Vinyl.
We are using our Cricut Maker, but it can also be used with a Silhouette Cameo or other cutting machines. Compared to standard vinyl, using holographic vinyl is most similar to working with glitter vinyl. It can be used for weeding and cutting almost like standard vinyl, but it's thicker, sometimes it means you don't have to rely on transfer paper to put it into your project. Using these practices, you can achieve excellent results on holographic vinyl.

Materials Needed: Cricut machine (we use Cricut Maker), HTVRont transfer tape, weeding tool, your Cricut cutting mat, and of course our holographic vinyl.

Let's start:

Just like any Cricut project, first design whatever you want to cut in Cricut Design Space, then measure the available space on the surface, and then check the size of the holographic vinyl decal you want. Send the image to be cut .

Load the holographic vinyl material on the cutting mat with the glossy side up, and then load it into the machine.

Since this is adhesive vinyl and not ironed, we don't need to mirror it. Click "Continue", go to all materials and select Premium Vinyl -Holographic, Blade: Standard / Pressure: Default.

holographic vinyl

Once your design is cut, unload the mat from the machine and weed the Holographic vinyl just as you would with any other vinyl.

After removing all the weeds, get a piece of transfer tape that can cover the holographic vinyl decal. First laying down the tape by starting in the middle and then working our way out, This ensures that it will not get any air bubbles stuck in there. Once again you need to burnish it.

As I mentioned before, if your cut shape is complete, there are no small pieces, the composition of the holographic vinyl is a bit stiffer, which means that when you remove it from the paper backing, its shape is relatively well. This way, you don't always have to use transfer paper to move the design from the back of the paper to the project. I find that sometimes you may want it, and sometimes it is unnecessary.

Before you stick it onto your project, ensure that the surface of the project is clean and dry. You need to get a little bit of the rubbing alcohol and your paper towel to wipe down your project.This will remove any dust, dirt or oil , which will help your holographic adhesive vinyl adhere really well.

holographic vinyl

Carefully place the transfer tape with the decal on your surface to make it look as you want it.
You can use the Cricut tool kit like a craft rod or scraper.
Peel the transfer tape away from the vinyl at a 45 degree angle.

If the vinyl decal sticks to the transfer tape, just polish the vinyl to the surface again. Then continue to peel the transfer tape from the vinyl.

It is very easy to take your fingers as you wish and burn them in place. After polishing, grab a corner of the transfer tape, and then carefully pull it back. You want to straighten it straight back-don't pull it backwards, as this may cause the vinyl to lift off the surface.

holographic vinyl

That's it! Now you have a beautiful sticker made with holographic vinyl. I loved how it turned out, and in my daily crafting, I will definitely use holographic vinyl more. I hope everyone enjoys this super simple tutorial. It is not difficult to use holographic vinyl. It's actually very interesting! You may have some question about holographic vinyl. For example, Is cricut holographic vinyl permanent? Is holographic vinyl permanent? The answer is no.

The holographic look is really on trend in a lot of home decor right now; and up until recently, the only way to get the look yourself was to use specialty holographic vinyl and cutting machines. Now with the array of Holographic Adhesive Vinyl products widely available, you can quickly and easily make your own art and decor projects!

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Right now, the holographic trend is super cute (HTVRONT Holographic Vinyl has 16 colors!). Holographic Vinyl price is great,why not try it.

What would you make with holographic vinyl? We’d love for you to share your awesome project with us!

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