Which Side of Vinyl Goes Down on Cricut

Which Side of Vinyl Goes Down on Cricut

Which Side of Vinyl Goes Down on Cricut

People often ask us, 'which side of vinyl goes down on cricut' or 'which side of iron on vinyl goes down'. First of all, do you know what iron on vinyl is? Iron on vinyl (also known as heat transfer vinyl, or HTV) makes amazing designs for T-shirts and handbags, but it can be confusing to use, especially when you use it for the first time.

So you have purchased HTV, but now you are not sure iron on vinyl which side down, please let us help you. You must cut off the iron vinyl and HTV on the right side, otherwise it will not work at all. But which one is on the right? This is where the problem lies! Today, we will show you a reliable way to know which side of the heat transfer vinyl material you want to cut, including whether the shiny side is up or down!

Which Side of Vinyl Goes Down on Cricut

Generally, you will read that when cutting HTV, place the vinyl shiny side down on your cutting mat. Sometimes this is easy to determine, sometimes it is not so easy. However, if you’re brand new, this suggestion can cause a lot of confusion. Where is the shiny side? But don't worry-I will explain!

The iron-on heat transfer vinyl is composed of two layers-the vinyl layer and the carrier sheet. When you receive them, they will stick together, almost indistinguishable. You want to cut the vinyl surface. In many (if not most) ironed vinyls, the vinyl side is matte, while the carrier side is shiny. This is why they said to cut it shiny or glossy side down on your mat. 

But, what if you don’t know which side is glossier?

No worry. This is why we have a way to tell which side to cut. For this technique, all you need is your weeding tool.

Select the paper surface that you suspect may be the cut surface.
Pick up the weeding tool and scrape/dig in the corner of the sheet. If you can put the tool under a layer of vinyl and pull it back, then this is the side you should cut. However, if you want to scrape/dig a corner of the paper and cannot grasp any material, the other side is the cutting side.

So, to summarize: you want to cut one side of the HTV so that it can be easily penetrated with a weeding tool. When you feed the paper into the cutting machine, make sure that this side is facing up.

Next, please follow the instructions, including time, temperature and pressure, hot or cold peel, materials used, etc.

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