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Top 6 Best Iron-on Transfer Paper for Different Fabric

Top 6 Best Iron-on Transfer Paper for Different Fabric

Do you like doing creative projects and want to decorate your clothes or accessories? If yes, you can try using iron-on transfer paper. It lets you print any picture from your computer and then stick it onto your fabric with an iron!

But before you start, you need to choose the right iron-on transfer paper for your fabric. Different fabrics may need different types of paper.

To make things easier, we've checked out many popular iron-on transfer papers and tested them on different fabrics. We've listed the best ones here, so you don't have to spend time searching. Let's get started!


Part 1: What Should You Care About an Iron-On Transfer Paper

Part 2: Best for Dark Fabric

Part 3: Best for Light Fabric

Part 4: Buy’s Pick

Part 5: Best Glowing-in-the-Dark

Part 6: Summary and FAQs


Part 1: What Should You Care About an Iron-On Transfer Paper

Iron-on transfer paper is a special type of paper you can print your images on and then transfer them to fabric with an iron. It is a fun and easy way to personalize your clothes and accessories.

To use it, the steps involve choosing the right paper for your fabric and printer and then printing the image on the paper. Next, cut it out, place it on your fabric, iron it, and peel off the paper backing.

This way, you can customize your clothes and accessories with the best iron-on transfer paper for your needs.

Here are some things you should know about iron-on transfer paper:

  1. There are different types of iron-on transfer paper for different fabrics.

For example, there are papers for light-coloured, dark-coloured, cotton, polyester, etc. You need to choose the right paper for your fabric to get the best results.

  1. You need to check the compatibility of your iron-on transfer paper with your printer.

Most iron-on transfer papers are designed for inkjet printers, not laser printers. You also need to adjust the printer settings according to the instructions on the paper package.

  1. The washability of your iron-on transfer paper.

You want your image to last long without fading or cracking after washing, right? Some iron-on transfer papers are more durable than others and can withstand multiple washes. You must also carefully follow the washing and drying instructions to preserve your image.


Part 2: Best for Dark Fabric

Using heat transfer paper on dark fabric comes with some extra things to think about. Dark fabrics can absorb more heat during the transfer, which might affect how well the design sticks and looks.

If you are looking for the best transfer iron-on paper for dark fabrics, try HTVRONT Heat Transfer Paper. This paper is specially designed for dark-coloured cotton or cotton/poly to blend fabric, and it works with any inkjet printer or home iron.

HTVRONT heat transfer paper promises to be durable and resistant to fading, cracking and peeling. Therefore, you can wash your fabric without worrying about ruining your design. For only $19.71, you can get 20 sheets of this high-quality paper and start making your own projects today.


HTVRONT Heat Transfer Paper for T-Shirts

 HTVRONT Dark Fabrics Heat Transfer Paper 


  • Price:$19.71
  • Fabric type:Cotton
  • Printer compatibility:Inkjet printer, home iron


We got this paper to print some images and transfer them to dark-coloured fabric. We liked how simple it was to use and how vivid and sharp the colours were. However, we were not quite happy with the quality of the paper.

Although it claims to withstand repeated washes without problem, the images began to peel off after we washed the fabric. The quality seemed to hold up well only right after the transfer.


Part 3: Best for Light Fabric

Jack Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper for White and Light Fabric

Jack Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper for White and Light Fabric

  • Price: $14.99 at a discounted price (20 sheets)
  • Fabric type:Cotton, nylon fabrics, polyester, canvas, and more.
  • Printer compatibility:Inkjet printers like Epson, HP, Brother, Canon and more.

On the contrary, if you want to create your own designs on white or light-coloured fabrics, you need a high-quality heat transfer paper that is thin, soft and durable.

For these aspects, Jack Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper for White and Light Fabric is the perfect choice among others. The heat transfer paper is perfect for light-coloured cotton or fabrics with over 30% cotton content.

Sized at 8.3" x 11.7", this paper not only exhibits impressive resilience and optimal ink absorption but also boasts a smooth finish. It also withstands washer and dryer cycles and offers free returns with no shipping charges in case of any issues.

For optimal results, follow the recommended steps: Apply pressure during transfer. Timing should be 25-30 seconds, with a temperature of 329-365℉ (165-185℃) and using heavy pressure. Afterwards, allow the paper and fabric to cool slightly before gently removing the protective paper.



Overall, we are really happy with how this product turned out! The pictures we printed look great. It definitely surpasses other products in terms of appearance and doesn't cost as much. The Jack Iron-On heat transfer paper might not last as long as some others, but it's still durable enough.

However, we need to mention that the instructions can be a bit confusing. Also, most of the recent batches lack markings on the back, which can be a little puzzling. Plus, the paper is quite thin.


Part 4: Buyer’s Pick

Now, let's look at some of the top choices for heat transfer paper according to customer preferences on Amazon. These products are best sellers, have high ratings with positive reviews, and offer the best price.


1) Avery - Bestseller on Amazon with the most comments

Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers stands out with an impressive 13,860 ratings on Amazon! These transfer sheets are compatible with any inkjet printer and can be cut with scissors or an electric cutting machine.

Once printed, the formulation of the transfer paper ensures a strong bond with the fabric resulting in softness, stretchability, washability, and resistance to fading.

 Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers for Use on Dark Fabrics

Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers for Use on Dark Fabrics

  • Price: $70.50 (30 sheets)
  • Fabric type:100% cotton
  • Printer compatibility:Household iron, professional heat press



Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers truly live up to the praise. It was super easy to transfer our designs onto the fabric.  What's more impressive is how durable these transfers are. We've tried washing them many times, and they still look fantastic—no fading or cracking at all.

However, we discovered that more heat doesn't necessarily improve the outcome. We tried using extra heat to make sure the design stuck well, but it only ended up causing some wrinkles. So it’s better to be more careful with the heat application.


2) NuFun - Best rating on Amazon

NuFun Activities Printable Iron-On Transfer Paper is among the best rating on Amazon, with a 4.4/5 rating from nearly 13K reviews. This package includes a minimum of 5 sheets of 8.5" x 11" Iron-On T-Shirt Printing Paper, specially designed for dark and black T-shirts.

Plus, you can enjoy the convenience of 2 reusable parchment sheets for seamless ironing. With over 25 years of trust from professionals and beginners alike, this product features NuFun’s patented technology.

NuFun Activities Printable Iron-On Transfer Paper

NuFun Activities Printable Iron-On Transfer Paper

  • Price: $8.93 (5 sheets)
  • Fabric type:
  • Printer compatibility:Inkjet and laser printers (HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, and more), household irons, professional heat presses (Cricut, silhouette and more).


The pack includes a minimum of 5 sheets sized 8.5" x 11", and it has enough to take your DIY crafting to another level. The results were incredibly impressive – it looked like a T-shirt made by a professional once we removed the parchment paper!

We weren’t sure at first, but the colours turned out beautifully vibrant. However, unless you're meticulously cutting out the image entirely, a white background will also transfer along with your printed design – which happened to us.


3) TransOurDreamBest price

For those seeking heat transfer paper with the best price and delivering excellent results, TransOurDream Iron on Heat Transfer Paper might be what you’re looking for. Get 25 sheets for just $21.99, which is only $0.88 per sheet – a great deal compared to similar options.

This paper is also said to be more flexible than other printable HTV products, ensuring comfort even with large designs. This feature makes it particularly well-suited for bulk transfers and business projects.

Additionally, it guarantees swift transfers in as little as 10 seconds when used with a professional-grade heat press machine. Post-transfer, it also assures that the designs remain remarkably vivid.

TransOurDream Iron on Heat Transfer Paper 

TransOurDream Iron on Heat Transfer Paper

  • Price: $21.99 (25 sheets)
  • Fabric type:100% cotton/poly-cotton blend fabrics
  • Printer compatibility:Inkjet Printers (such as HP, Brother, Canon and other brands).



The colours truly enhance the look of any shirt we've used them on. What really amazed us was the convenience – no more weeding! The peel-off process from the backing is easy and saves so much time. And to top it off, the price is unbeatable; it's definitely the best deal we've come across.

However, there was a minor drawback we noticed after some use – the colours tended to bleed, especially the blue, on several shirts we printed on. Despite this issue, we were pleasantly surprised by the fast response from the company. They reached out within just 24 hours after we lodged a complaint.


Part 5: Best Glowing-in-the-Dark

If you enjoy doing some experiments, here's an exciting opportunity: crafting your very own custom design that glows in the dark! And when it comes to achieving this unique effect, we recommend TransOurDream's Luminous Iron on Heat Transfer Paper.

In this package, you'll find 10 sheets of Luminous Heat Transfer Paper and 2 sheets of reusable Teflon Paper (size A3). This special printable Heat Transfer Vinyl lights up with a cool blue glow in the dark, and it stays glowing for a long time. Plus, you don't need to worry about it fading – it holds up really well even after going through the washing machine.


TransOurDream's Luminous Iron on Heat Transfer Paper 2.0

iron on transfer paper

  • Price: $15.99
  • Fabric type:Cotton (best), poly blend cotton and other fabrics (do a test first)
  • Printer compatibility:Inkjet printer (HP, Brother, Canon and more)


We had the opportunity to try out this product with an inkjet printer, and I must say, the results were amazing. It really makes our design glows! The printing process was quick, and the ink dried in no time.

However, we'd advise against using it with a Canon Laser printer. In our testing, we noticed that the colours tended to spread inconsistently. To make the most of this product, it's essential to carefully follow the provided instructions.

Another minor concern we encountered was that the ink rubbed off slightly on our fingers while peeling the print from its backing. Despite this, the results can be quite satisfying.


Part 6: Summary and FAQs

With iron-on transfer paper, you can print your own designs on fabric using an inkjet printer and either an iron or a heat press. The paper has a unique coating that melts when heated, allowing the ink to transfer onto the fabric.

Whether you're working with dark, light, or glow-in-the-dark fabrics, our comprehensive list of recommendations ensures you'll find the best iron-on transfer paper to achieve stunning results. Happy creating!



1. What is iron-on transfer paper and how does it work?

Iron-on transfer paper is a type of paper that allows you to print your own designs on fabric using an inkjet printer and an iron or a heat press. The paper has a special coating that melts when heated and transfers the ink onto the fabric.


2. How do I choose the best iron-on transfer paper for my project?

To choose the best iron-on transfer paper for your project, you need to consider the following factors, including the colour and type of fabric you want to transfer your design onto, the type of inkjet printer and ink you have, and the size and shape of your design.

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