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  • Top Hat Heat Press Machine Picks for 2024: Discover the Best Options for Quality Press!

Top Hat Heat Press Machine Picks for 2024: Discover the Best Options for Quality Press!

Top Hat Heat Press Machine Picks for 2024: Discover the Best Options for Quality Press!

Are you looking to join the hat printing business? Then you’re here hoping to find the best hat heat press to handle casual and business uses without breaking down. Your search finally ends today because we’ll introduce you to top-quality and advanced hat heat press machines. These flexible machines can print hats, caps, and other headwear. After sampling tens of high-quality hat presses, we made this list to give you only the best. Let’s get started with the review!

Part 1. Factors to Consider When Choosing Hat Heat Press

Before we list and review the best heat press for hats, I want to share our ultimate choosing guide. These tips should help you make a decision that is good for you, your craft, and your business. Remember that any of the machines can do HTV or sublimation.

  • Project size: The type of heat press machine you choose should easily handle the number of hats you want to make. If you’re a pro crafter, you’ll need something more handy, like VEVOR Hat Heat Press, to deliver store-grade results. You can also choose a compact machine like HTVRONT Heat Press for casual home uses.
  • Size: Hat heat press machines come in different sizes. Ideally, you would want to choose a machine that fits inside your working space while ensuring it fits your daily printing tasks. Smaller is not always more convenient when it comes to these machines.
  • Budget: What is your budget, and how professional do you want to get? The good thing is that there is a hat press machine for every budget.


Part 2. Best Hat Heat Press Machine in 2024

Let’s list and review the best heat press for hats in 2024.


1. Cricut Hat Press

  • Price: $149
  • Size: 17.4x13.8x11.7cm
  • Pressure: Manual press
  • Auto off: 13 minutes
  • Heat plate size: 5.3”/12.7x7.6cm curved
  • Connection: Bluetooth via Cricut Heat App

cricut hat heat press

Cricut Hat Press is an impressive machine straight out of the box. This machine has a simple-to-understand manual to connect it to the Cricut Heat App seamlessly. The box also has a safety base, heat-resistant tape, and a heat-pressing form for a smooth pressing surface.

After unboxing this machine, you’ll see the strategic control buttons on the front. To connect it to the app, press the “Play” button. Interestingly, the “Power button” also acts as the temperature button. Pressing this button will turn on the heat press machine with the temperature set at low. Press it again to increase the temperature to medium or high.

One of the main selling points of this machine is the curved ceramic-coated press that delivers edge-to-edge heating. Using the app, you can select different materials, including smart materials such as iron-on, glitter, and holographic. It’s a super small machine that acts as a great space saver. However, the fact that it’s only available in one size is a significant drawback.


  • Bluetooth connectivity with Cricut Heat App.
  • Small and compact heat press.
  • Curved ceramic heat plate.
  • Auto-off feature.


  • Available in one size.
  • You cannot set pressure.


2. HTVRONT Hat Heat Press

  • Price: $69.99
  • Size: 20.6x16.5x16.0cm
  • Pressure: Manual press
  • Auto off: 15 minutes
  • Heat plate size: 5.5x2.4”/15.3x6cm curved
  • Temperature range:  210-390℉/100-200℃
  • Maximum time: 600 seconds

htvront hat heat press

This is the best hat heat press machine if you want something slightly more advanced than the Cricut Hat Press. This machine provides a bigger plate size for better heat transfer and professional-looking results. It also has flexible time and temperature settings to satisfy all your heat transfer needs.

Another thing you’ll like about this hat heat press machine is the intuitive digital display. This screen will show you the real-time heating temperature and time as adjusted using the +/- buttons. This way, you can effectively monitor your heat transfer processes to prevent burning your designs.

HTVRONT Hat Heat Press also comes with an ironing lid and form. This means you can comfortably work with hats of varying shapes and sizes. The machine’s grip and handle are also comfortable to deliver professional designs.

This hat heat press machine is easy to use, compact, and lightweight. Although compact,  it’s an excellent choice for home use and business startups. You can comfortably move around with it to trade shows and market fairs.


  • Modest pricing.
  • Multiple sizes.
  • Ceramic coating with aluminum plate.
  • Adjust temperature and time.


  • No smartphone app.
  • No support for smart materials.


3. VEVOR Hat Heat Press

  • Price: $159.99
  • Size: 23.5x43.5x31cm
  • Pressure: Mechanically assisted
  • Auto off: No
  • Heat plate size: 6x3.75”/15x9.5cm curved
  • Temperature range:  200-450℉/95-232℃
  • Maximum time: 999 seconds

VEVOR Hat Heat Press

VEVOR is a respectable name when it comes to creating top-quality heat presses. This brand has a range of machines that often rank well in reviews. VEVOR Hat Heat Press is an excellent choice for small to large businesses because it has four hat heating pads. It can handle a wider variety of hat-heating projects with beanies, bonnets, baseball caps, bucket hats, and more.

The user-friendly clamshell design is another excellent feature. This space-saving design provides lots of working space while ensuring your hands are securely away from heating elements. Meanwhile, the parallel arm handle minimizes obstruction, and the machine’s curved parts are reasonably sized.

Use the LCD regulator to input your preferred time and temperature settings. This gives you more flexibility while working on multiple projects. Keep your ears open because the alarm will automatically ring after achieving your desired hat heating parameters.

Overall, this is the best heat press for hats when working on various projects. It’s large enough to accommodate your hats and suitable for transferring your designs to hats and caps. VEVOR Hat Press is best for projects like gifts, parties, advertising, and other promotional activities.


  • Includes four hat pads.
  • Durable build.
  • Parallel arm handle.
  • Touch-controlled LCD.


  • There is no auto-stop feature.


The Sum Up

We hope you have identified the best hat heat press for shirts and hats. If you’re running a startup operating on a tight budget, a compact machine like Cricut Hat Heat Press or HTVRONT Hat Heat Press will do. But if you want high-quality products for a medium to large-sized business, VEVOR Hat Heat Press should be on the shopping list. But generally, they are all reliable and efficient heat presses.

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