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The Top Picks: Best Sewing Machine for Kids

The Top Picks: Best Sewing Machine for Kids

As a parent or a guardian, it's your responsibility to ignite and nurture your child's creativity. The idea is to help your child get some valuable life skills. For example, if your child is keen on sewing a pillow or mending her torn clothes, start by researching the best sewing machine for kids. But this is not just about walking into the neighborhood store and picking a sewing machine. Instead, you must ensure that the device is kid-friendly. So, in this post, we will share our guide for finding the best mini sewing machines for kids and some top-ranking options in the market. Keep scrolling!

Sewing Machine

Part 1: Factors to Consider when Choosing a Sewing Machine for Kids

Choosing a sewing machine for kids can be unexpectedly complex, especially if it's your first time doing this. It's essential to carry a checklist of kid-friendly features that this sewing machine must tick before reaching your credit card or wallet.

With that in mind, below is our selection guide for a kid-friendly sewing machine:


1. Safety Features

    The best mini sewing machine for kids must pack several safety features to ensure you're comfortable letting your child use it. For example, this machine must have a finger guard, which is a wrap that protects your child from potential injuries when using it. The appliance must also have easy-to-use controls and fewer features. In short, your child must find the machine super simple to operate.

    Below are the additional safety features to consider:

    • Slow-speed settings allow your kid to sew at a manageable pace, giving them more control over the machine and avoiding errors.
    • The machine must provide stable construction when using it. Put simply, a kid-friendly sewing machine must not tip over or shake while using it.


    2. Easy to use

      Simplicity is a crucial factor when choosing the best sewing machine for kids. As mentioned earlier, the device must provide simple and intuitive controls so your child doesn't struggle to use it. In addition, it must provide a straightforward threading process, including a straight stitch. Moreover, the machine must be lightweight, allowing your child to change their 'work location' around the house seamlessly.


      Part 2: Top Recommendations for Sewing Machines for Kids

      Without any further ado, let's list the best mini sewing machines for kinds:


      1. Singer MX60

        singer mx60


        Singer MX60 ticks the right boxes for the best sewing machines for kids. It's a beginner-friendly sewing machine that even your child will find super simple. This machine features a 4-step buttonhole, allowing your child to get down to work with just a few steps. It's also a lightweight machine, weighing just 12.4 lbs, and the heavy-duty metal frame is designed to last forever. Moreover, it comes with several kid-friendly applications, including a zipper foot, L-screwdriver, darning plate, and more.


        • Lightweight and durable sewing machine.
        • Quick and straightforward threading guides.
        • Simple 4-step buttonholes.


        • The peddle may be too fast for your child.


        2. HTVRONT Mini Sewing Machine


        Upgrade Your Sewing Experience with HTVRONT Mini Sewing Machine!

        • Discover how this best mini sewing machine can revolutionize your sewing projects.
        • Enhance your sewing skills and efficiency with our 38 built-in stitches sewing machine.
        • Try the perfect mini sewing machine for your needs and start creating today!


        At just $75.99, the HTVRONT Mini Sewing Machine is an excellent alternative to the Singer MX60. This solid investment comes with 38 adjustable kid-friendly stitch modes, making the sewing session more fun as your child can try different designs. It also features an extension table for multiple usages, enlarging the workspace by up to 300%. Another exciting feature of this stitching machine is the foot pedal control with Low Speed (350 stitches/min) and High Speed (400 stitches/min) modes. You should seriously consider this option.


        • 38 fun sewing line types.
        • Smoothly sew 7-layer fabrics.
        • Intuitive thread-tightening adjustment wheel.


        • The sewing patterns could be more straightforward.


        3. Brother XM2710

          brother xm2710


          This Brother machine is excellent for your child's everyday sewing projects. It boasts a stylish, lightweight design and a full range of beginner-friendly features. If you opt for this machine, you'll get up to 27 inbuilt stitching modes, including zigzag, decorating, quilting, and blind them. This machine also offers an automatic one-step button holder and six quick-change sewing feet. The versatile free arm is also perfect for everyday sewing projects like sleeves, pant legs, and cuffs.


          • 27 fun stitching modes.
          • Simple-to-comprehend instructional manual and DVD.
          • Up to 800 stitches per minute.


          • It's not the quietest sewing machine to buy.


          Part 3: Tips for Teaching Kids to Sew with a Sewing Machine

          Your work doesn't end with identifying and purchasing the best mini sewing machine 2022 for kids. Although most machines have manuals, you must still walk your child through the fundamental processes and safety precautions. With that in mind, let's list some tips for teaching your child how to use a sewing machine.


          1. Basic sewing techniques

            You'll start by introducing your child to basic sewing techniques, essentially introducing them to the machine. For instance, show your child how to thread the needle carefully to avoid any potential accidents. You can also teach them how to sew different designs, with lines and curves working best for kids. Remember, it's advisable to practice sewing on paper before introducing fabric.


            2. Safety precautions

              Although the best sewing machines for kids come with safety controls, these features can only be practical if you teach your child how to use them. So, what are some of these safety precautions to ensure while your child is using a sewing machine?

              • Supervision: Don't let your child use a sewing machine in your absence. Ensure you're always around when they use the device, even after teaching them all the basic sewing techniques. If possible, keep the machine in an open space.
              • Proper hand positioning: Teach your child the correct hand positioning with a sewing machine to avoid accidents, lethargy, or creating the wrong designs. While sewing, they should bend their arm on elbows while comfortably reaching the needle plate. Also, they should stick both feet flat on the floor.
              • Using a seam ripper: This is one of the must-have sewing tools, and your child must know how to use it correctly. With a stitch ripper, they can pull out any potential mistakes in the design. Teach them how to handle this tool without destroying the fabric or buttonhole. A seam ripper can also lead to deep cuts if not handled correctly.


              Final Words

              After reading this post, we hope you are ready to invest in a kid-friendly sewing machine. Getting an option like HTVRONT Mini Sewing Machine will handle almost every sewing project for your child without breaking the bank. It offers a range of basic stitching options, a lightweight design, and durable materials. But as you search for a sewing machine, it's essential to know that this DIY project is best for kids aged 6 years and above. Have fun together, and share the designs with us!

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