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How to Choose the Best Tumbler Heat Press?

How to Choose the Best Tumbler Heat Press?

A tumbler heat press or tumbler sublimation machine is basically an equipment used to customize cylindrical objects like tumblers, mugs, water bottles, and more. You can use this tool to make personalized objects for yourself or gifts for friends and family. All you need is to purchase an inexpensive mug or tumbler and customize it at home with your favourite design.

However, finding the best tumbler heat press in a market crowded with many options could be time-consuming and confusing. So, in this post, we want to teach you how to choose the best tumbler press for sublimation based on your needs and budget. We'll also list and review the best tumbler heat press machines to consider. Keep reading!

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Part 1: What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting a Tumbler Heat Press?

When looking to take home the best tumbler press, there are several factors to consider beyond the price. It's advisable to choose one based on your needs so you can get the best results possible. Of course, an expensive mug press for sublimation isn't necessarily the best.

1. Purchase a Reputable Brand

    Most tumbler heat press machines you'll find online will promise the best results, leaving you confused, especially if it is your first purchase. For this reason, do your homework and purchase a machine from the most reputable brand. These companies are known for their tried and proven product quality as well as excellent customer support. What's more, the most respected brands often honor their product warranties.

    2. Efficiency of the Heat Press

      How efficient the machine is should be a major deal breaker. Ideally, you want a machine that can effectively handle most of your needs. For example, you can get a 5-in-1 multi-mug press for your mug printing business. You may also get one with 3D sublimation capabilities to stay ahead of most rivals in the industry. The best mug press should align with your practical and business needs.

      3. Your Power Options

        Another thing to consider when choosing a tumbler heat press is the machine's power consumption. Mug press machines with higher outputs need a 220-volt connection, similar to a dryer or washer. The best machine should require a 220-volt connection or less, which might mean a higher price tag.

        4. Temperature

          What is the temperature range of the mug printing machine? Does it allow you to set your preferred temperature range and timer? This are some of the question to answer when choosing a tumbler heat press equipment. Remember that varying materials work with different temperatures.

          5. Your Budget

            Last but not least, consider what your budget is before setting out to find the ideal tumbler heat press for your business. Although the best tumbler sublimation machines have a price tag to match, go for one that fits your budget. You may have to dig deeper to find a mug press machine that ticks all the boxes above without paying over the top.


            Part 2: Best Tumbler & Mug Heat Press Machine in 2023

            Now that you have a tumbler heat press buying guide, let's list some notable options to consider in the market.


            1. Cricut Mug Press

            cricut mug press

            Price: $149.99


            • Mug attachments diameter, inch: 3.2 to 3.4
            • Power, W: 500
            • Temperature range, °С/°F: 200/393 degrees
            • Time range, sec: 0-999


              • Beginner-friendly
              • Trusted brand
              • Automatic one-button machine


                • Pricier than some
                • Plastic casing isn't as durable as metal

                  Cricut Mug Press is an effective machine from a reputable brand. This mug-pressing machine is designed to press infusible ink images on coffee mugs effectively. It comes fully packed with a temperature control feature, one-touch settings, and auto-off to give you peace of mind. Warming up the machine will take around 4 minutes while pressing the design on your mug could take 5 minutes. Remember that the maximum capacity is 350-450ml, whereas the maximum height is 120 mm.


                  2. HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press


                  Unleash Your Infinite Creativity with Auto Tumbler Heat Press

                  • With only one click, HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press can apply pressure automatically
                  • Compatible with various mugs, tumblers, glass tumblers,cups, water bottles, and sippy cups.
                  • LCD screen and setting buttons allowing you to adjust and monitor the temperature and time.

                  Price: $169.99


                  • Mug attachments diameter, inch: 2.95-3.35
                  • Power, W: 600
                  • Temperature range, °С/°F: 210-410
                  • Time range, sec: 1-600


                  • Adjustable heat settings
                  • Easy to use – you just hit the button and wait
                  • Portable and modern design


                  • It may be more expensive than other options on the market.

                  HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press should be your go-to option if you're looking for the best mug press machine with some exciting modern tech features. This captivating tumbler heat press machine has an LED screen and adjustable settings to give you convenience and confidence during the DIY session. The emergency stop function gives users extra protection, and the heat-pressing machine will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of inactivity. Moreover, the adjustable temperature and time settings are welcome additions.


                  3. PYD Life Tumbler Heat Press

                  PYD Life Tumbler Heat Press

                  Price: $189.00


                  • Mug attachments diameter, inch: 2.83-3.43
                  • Power, W: 500
                  • Temperature range, °С/°F: 240/482
                  • Time range, sec: 0-999


                  • Digital heating and timer
                  • Solidly built


                  • The heater needs to be changed
                  • Not an automatic mug heat press
                  • An industrial look

                  This is by far one of the best mug press machines money can buy for any business. It's a multi-functional machine for sublimating mug cups and tumblers of varying sizes. For example, you can straight sublimation on 16 oz, 20 oz, or 30 oz tumblers. Interestingly, it can sublimate two 15 oz and 12 oz mugs concurrently. Moreover, it features a convenient heat and time controller.


                  4. BetterSub Mug Heat Press

                  BetterSub Mug Heat Press

                  Price: $59.9


                  • Mug attachments diameter, inch: 3.1-3.9
                  • Power, W: 350
                  • Temperature range, °С/°F: 220/430
                  • Time range, sec: 0-240


                  • Different size options
                  • Digital heating and timer
                  • Good if you're on a budget


                  • Not particularly attractive
                  • Some have had issues with heating

                  You can also consider this CE-certified mug pressing machine for your needs. The machine uses high-quality aluminum and silica gel, making it heat-resistant and durable. It's an automatic machine, allowing you to set your preferred time and temperature. However, what makes this machine stand out from the crowd is the numerous size attachments, allowing users to explore their creative possibilities. It's a small mug printing equipment that will fit nicely in your home studio or congested business place.  



                  These are some of the best tumbler heat press machines to consider. Before using these machines, it's vital to read the user manual to know how to get the best out of it. Also, ensure you have the designs ready and the sublimation surface is spotless clean. Have fun creating the designer mug!

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