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9 Cricut Christmas Gifts to Try This Festive Month

9 Cricut Christmas Gifts to Try This Festive Month

It’s that time of the year again when the weather gets colder, and the calendar moves faster. But as much as we eagerly anticipate Christmas, one challenge that most people face is coming up with the best gift ideas. So, if your Cricut machine has been lying idle for a while, dust it off to create some irresistible Cricut Christmas gifts for your friends and family. This article will share some easy DIY Cricut Christmas gift ideas to inspire your inner creativity.

What Cricut Christmas Gifts Can I Make?

There are lots of Cricut ideas for Christmas gifts that you can borrow to make this holiday season memorable. The options are endless, from a Christmas-themed blanket and cotton slippers to a baking set and set of mugs. Let’s take a look!


1. Personalized Christmas Blanket

 Personalized Christmas Blanket

Making an infusible ink Christmas blanket is a simple-to-implement Cricut Christmas gift ideas that anyone will cherish for eternity. You’ll need your Cricut Maker 3, polyester blanket, and infusible ink sheet for this project. Although cotton can also work, a polyester blanket material should react perfectly with the ink. After pulling out the heat transfer vinyl layer, it’s vital to weed out excess design. But in this case, you won’t use weeding tools. Instead, bend the material to crack the excess design and peel it away using tweezers.


2. Personalized Christmas Baking Set

Personalized Christmas Baking Set

Baking sets should make cute DIY Cricut Christmas gifts for your mom, wife, sister, or any other baker you cherish. It’s an iron-on project where you can make a customized banking spoon, oven mitt, and hand towel using Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2. Use a flexible heat transfer machine like the new HTVRONT Portable Heat Press Machine to gently apply pressure on your designs, then weed excess HTV using a weeding hook. Remember to use iron on vinyl in contrasting colors for the best results.


3. Personalized Christmas Mugs Set

 Personalized Christmas Mugs Set

This is arguably the most beginner-friendly Cricut Christmas gift ideas, especially if you like last-minute preparations. You can purchase an inexpensive ceramic coffee mug set and customize it with your Christmas design to create the perfect gift for your parents, spouse, teachers, neighbors, or anybody else. In this project, you’ll need a Cricut Machine and a sublimation machine like Auto Tumbler Heat Press. Always use the right temperature and material, depending on the mug material.


4. Personalized Christmas Cotton Slippers

 Personalized Christmas Cotton Slippers

Custom cotton slippers are excellent Cricut Christmas gifts for the Christmas festivities. They are soft, beautiful, and extra comfortable, making them exciting and memorable. Start by creating a design for the left and right slippers on Cricut Design Space. After completing the design, heat your slippers where you want to transfer the design, then position heat transfer vinyl on the garment. Grab your Mini Heat Press Machine and press it down on your project to transfer the design. Let your design cool off, and carefully peel off the carrier sheet. That’s it!


5. Personalized Christmas Snowflake Scarf

 Personalized Christmas Snowflake Scarf

Handmade and personalized Cricut Christmas gifts don’t need to cost you a fortune. That’s why creating a Christmas snowflake scarf should feature highly in your festive projects. This gift idea will fit nicely in a gift basket for your parents or a co-worker who always feels cold on their desk. Add personalized gloves and Christmas gift tags on Cricut to make this Santa gift even cuter and more personalized.


6. DIY Christmas Doormat

 DIY Christmas Doormat

Christmas is that time when relatives and friends come to visit. Therefore, you must create the perfect festive vibe in and outside the house. Having said that, the ideal Christmas doormat will give an excellent first impression on your stoop, making them the perfect gifts for other homeowners as well. To create this gift, you’ll need a solid doormat, Cricut Machine, adhesive vinyl, and paint brushes. Remember to carry weeding tools to peel off excess designs and carrier sheets. And yes, apply a few polyurethane sprays to protect the design against moisture and rain.  


7. DIY Felt Gnome Pillow

 DIY Felt Gnome Pillow

Do you need to surprise your loved ones with adorable Christmas pillows? You can customize your Gnome pillow using heat transfer vinyl or felt to make a cozy holiday couch without breaking the bank. After uploading your Gnome SVG file on Cricut Design Space, resize and cut it before applying the design to your pillow without using a thread or glue. Remember that you’ll need to apply the pieces on your pillow one by one, so this DIY Cricut Christmas gifts could be time-consuming.


8. DIY Christmas Stockings

 DIY Christmas Stockings

You can implement many cute Cricut Christmas gift ideas with your Cricut machine this holiday season. But very few can beat a nicely done Xmas stocking. These gifts are even better when designed and personalized to meet your own taste or preference. Creating your own Christmas stocking is simple as long as you identify the right pattern. Although you can use a sewing machine in this super cheap project, Cricut Maker and HTV should make the project faster and less complicated for beginners. Iron-on will always adhere to stockings beautifully!


9. DIY Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas Cards

If your financial books are not balanced, try one of the cheapest Cricut Christmas gifts – cards! There are uncountable gift card designs that you can make with your paper-cutting machine. For example, you can create colorful snowflake gift card holder tags using paper, glue, ribbon, and a free SVG file from Loklikworkshop.com. You can also make a beautiful papercut card as a last-minute handmade Christmas gift for your loved ones.


Final Words

As you can see in this post, creating handmade and personalized Cricut Christmas gifts shouldn’t be a complex and expensive affair. All it takes is to identify the right project from the list above and proceed to implement it at home with your Cricut machine. Remember, it’s all about practice!

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